For what the massage bed is necessary

For what the massage bed is necessary

The phrase massage bed sounds very seductively: at once there are pleasant associations. The massage bed unites the known separate technologies of treatment long ago: warming up, acupressure and reflexotherapy in one procedure. As a result the bed, and wonderful bed turns out not just.


  1. Thermal massage bed, using method of manual massage and evenly distributing heat, influences acupuncture points. Each body on human body has one or several such points therefore pressing on them, it is possible to influence the certain body needing treatment. This influence exchange processes accelerate, and the organism is provided with motive energy. Moving on back muscles, massage heads stretch backbone, nervous roots cease to be squeezed. Pain is eliminated, the broken innervation is restored, function of internals is normalized.
  2. The infrared beams having wavelength to 1000 micrometers help at removal of tension, fatigue, will save from pain, improve peripheral blood circulation. Thanks to normalization of exchange processes of organism, excess fat is removed, aging is warned and slows down, physical activity increases.
  3. Heat eliminates the sharp pains arising at miozita and lumbago. Thermotherapy, influencing acupuncture points, promotes restoration of normal function of intestines and internals, stimulates lymph flow and blood circulation, increases resistance of organism to various diseases. Use of heat restores mobility of backbone, eliminates and prevents its curvature.
  4. But some doctors do not divide general admiration of massage beds. They say that they can use them just tired, physically exhausted, but exclusively healthy people, without any serious diseases. Kind of it was, but the massage bed has contraindications. It cannot use: - to small children; - to women during periods, on initial or deadline for pregnancy; - to people with inflammatory processes (fever, skin diseases); - at exacerbation of chronic diseases, especially at stones in kidneys, liver, gall bladder; - at hernia or the undergone operation on backbone; - at hypertension, heart disease, pacemaker; - in the presence of any artificial organs and vessels; - at oncological diseases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team