For what the matting napkins are necessary

For what the matting napkins are necessary

The matting napkins will help to remove surplus of skin fat, without spoiling make-up. This accessory should be had always in handbag - for fast reduction of in order enough only couple of thin leaflets. You can choose napkins with antibacterial additives, pleasant fragrance or without it.

The matting napkins: what they happen

Napkins for skin matting effectively delete excess of skin fat, do not cause irritations and inflammations. By means of these leaflets you will be able quickly to refresh make-up or to soften it. For example, the napkin will help to remove surplus of foundation or powder, without smearing them on all person. Napkins and to those who do not use make-up will help. Some leaflets not only matt face, but also slightly pull together time.

On sale there are different types of the matting napkins. They can be produced from nonwoven porous swore or the special very thin paper reminding soft tracing-paper. Some napkins contain antibacterial components: extract of green tea or tea tree, activated carbon. Such means are good for processing of very oily skin inclined to inflammations.

Owners of dry skin will suit napkins with humidifiers: extract of aloe, cucumber, camomile. These napkins work very softly. Do not buy the means containing alcohol - they well matt skin, but strongly overdry it, and at constant application can cause peeling. During heat napkins with the cooling effect are especially good. They have delicate aroma of menthol and well refresh the excited skin. Such napkins it is possible to process not only face, but also neck. Pay attention and to packing. Usually napkins are packed in cardboard boxes with cut for convenient extraction. But also more elegant options - for example, the rubberized cases and even folding cases meet mirror. Cases with spare blocks are very practical - such options meet at luxury brands.

Methods of application

Napkins can use several times a day. Take one leaf and apply it to the person, without pounding skin. Begin with forehead and nose, then matt area of cheeks and chin. Change napkins to improve their absorbing properties. On processing of the person from 2 to 6 leaflets will leave. The sweated person it is necessary to process especially accurately. At first remove excess moisture paper handkerchief, and then blot it with the matting napkin. If skin shines only in the T-zone, there is no need to blot all face. Process only area of nose, forehead and chin. After matting it is possible to use compact powder or to put one more layer of blush. If you have bought bilateral napkins, at first remove surplus of fat the matting party, and then apply the reverse side of napkin covered with the thinnest layer of powder to the person. After such processing the face will look fresh and velvety.

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