For what thermal water is necessary

For what thermal water is necessary

Readers of glossy magazines know what is thermal water and what force of its wonderful impact on skin. All stylish and successful women use it for permanent care of the appearance for a long time.

Thermal water is the means used in the cosmetic industry which is already fallen in love to popular actresses and models for which it is always so important to look delightful. The fact is that use of thermal water for skin care allows to solve number of the problems connected with its imperfection. Besides that cosmetics on the basis of thermal water heals, purifies skin, has anti-inflammatory effect, it also protects from early wrinkles.

The thermal water which is lying at depth of several hundred meters underground and having temperature above 20o With has different properties which depend on its structure: it can be saturated with minerals, hydrocarbonates or hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen, other various microelements. Such unique composition of thermal water does cosmetics created on its basis (thermal cosmetics), unique and necessary for everyday skin care.

Thermal water, depending on structure, is divided into hypertensive (silnonasyshchenny salts) which is suitable for dry skin; hypotonic (low-saturated) - ideal for oily skin and problem skin; and isotonic which does not interfere with exchange processes and therefore perfectly is suitable for any type of skin. Not without reason in Ancient Athens the hot thermal springs enjoyed wide popularity at treatment of various skin diseases. Correctly picked up thermal cosmetics is ideal also for especially sensitive and also the skin inclined to allergic reactions. Dermatologists even advise to use thermal water for prevention of diseases of skin. How to use thermal water? It is produced in the form of sprays, convenient for use, that allows to carry bottle with itself and if necessary to use it. The fact that constant use of thermal water well influences skin does not raise doubts at dermatologists. It is possible to be convinced easily of it, it is worth using only daily within week "shower" for the person, and skin will get healthy shade, fatigue traces will disappear, will appear unusual velvet and smoothness. It is possible to use thermal water before drawing make-up in the morning or during the day to refresh the person, especially it is relevant in the spring and in the flying when hot and stuffy, and skin needs additional moistening when it is subject to strong influence of sunshine. The dry clay divorced thermal water gives much more expressed cosmetic effect, and the thermal water added to daily cosmetics literally nourishes skin with useful substances, doing it healthier and shining. Some women watching condition of the skin use instead of thermal usual mineral water, considering that it has the same effect. But the structure of mineral water and degree of concentration in it various mineral salts and microelements strongly differ from much higher in comparison with it rates of thermal water. Mineral water revitalizes organism from within, and thermal – outside. Perhaps, it is also ideal combination of these remedies. Also purity of thermal water is much higher as depth with which it is got serves as guarantee that no substances or waste products of the person could get into its structure. Here only to use inside thermal water because of the same high concentration of the components which are its part, doctors do not recommend: to human body can damage their surplus. The nature gives to women beauty, delivering them really magic means – thermal water - from the depths of the earth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team