Forming of the correct form of nail plate

Forming of the correct form of nail plate

Well-groomed hands, with beautiful and accurate marigold — decoration of any woman. However this beauty is impossible without careful manicure which, in turn, begins with the correct registration of nail plate.

The shape of nails has to be selected individually for each woman. Successfully picked up form can emphasize identity, hide shortcomings and draw attention to manicure. On long nails it is possible to try square shape, such option well looks with manicure service jacket. Sometimes sharp corners slightly round off that nails looked is more womanly. Strongly rounded corners turn square nails into oval. It is universal option which is suitable all, for any length and shape of fingers.

The pointed form looks well only on long, strong, it is desirable the increased nails. It is necessary to consider that acrylic and gel nails are much stronger natural easier give in to repair, it is very relevant for pointed and enough brittle nails.

Shortly cut off crescent-shaped nails suit those whose work is connected with small children, cooking, medical procedures. It is easy to maintain good condition of such manicure, without making extra care and efforts. When choosing the correct form it is possible to consider shape of hands and fingers also. On thin and graceful handles square nails elegantly look, but they categorically are not recommended to girls with large fingers as visually make heavier them. The pointed form not too looks good on thin and long fingers, gives them predatory and emaciated look. Nippers, scissors and files with different granularity will be necessary for giving of the necessary form of nail plate. At first by means of scissors and nippers it is necessary to cut off superfluous. Tools have to be sharp, otherwise the nail plate can be stratified further. It is possible to work only with dry hands, having removed all residues of old varnish in nails. Then by means of nail file of average granularity straighten edge. It is necessary to file nails in one direction, supporting the tool at a small angle. You should not drive file chaotically, otherwise on plate there will be scratches. It is necessary to move ahead from edge to the center accidentally not to break nail. When the necessary form is reached, corners can be polished with soft nail buffer, removing the sawed sharpness.

It is useful to polish edge with the nail buffer moistened with oil ylang-ylang — at the same time it is well sealed and does not exfoliate.

If length of nails does not allow to create desirable manicure, they can be increased. There are two main technology of building: acrylic and gel, there is also building by silk or pitch. The nails extended thus just as usual, have hair cut under certain form, are straightened with file. For alignment rough abrasives as artificial nails stronger are used.

By means of gel and acrylic it is possible to give to nails the original form: trapezoidal, slanted, bent inside. Also acrylic molding is popular: volume flowers, animals, patterns.

To keep shape of nails, it is necessary to file them once a week. Too frequent processing can lead to the fact that the nail plate will be spoiled, and to restore it quite difficult.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team