Fragrant masks from currant

Fragrant masks from currant

Masks from currant are useful to any type of skin. They saturate it with vitamins and microelements and also give dullness, elasticity and smoothness. Currant is especially useful to owners of oily skin, it effectively reduces and deeply cleans enlarged pores and also regulates work of sebaceous glands. The appeal of these masks consists in their simplicity and availability.

The easiest and fast way to make mask of currant is to mash several berries and to put them on face even thin layer. You hold gruel within 10-12 minutes and wash away warm water. Any currant will be suitable for preparation of this mask.

To make the cleaning mask for oily and porous skin, knead 2 tablespoons of fresh berries of white or red currant to pyureobrazny state. Mix the received weight with small amount of potato starch or wheat flour. Evenly put structure on the clean steamed-out face and after 12-15 minutes wash away cold water. This mask considerably narrows and cleans enlarged pores and also saves from greasy luster.

The following recipe of mask of house preparation will be suitable for dry skin: pound to uniform consistence 1 tablespoons of berries of blackcurrant and cottage cheese. Ready weight dilute 2 tablespoons of slightly warmed up milk. Put mix on face even plentiful layer and wash away after 20 minutes. The mask prepared on the basis of blackcurrant perfectly moisturizes and feeds the skin that gives it surprising smoothness and elasticity. Owners of the normal and combined type of skin can safely use mask from 1 tablespoon of the mashed fresh berries of blackcurrant and the same amount of natural yogurt. Mix needs to be put on face plentiful layer and to hold about 15 minutes. For problem skin care prepare mask from the beaten crude egg white, 1-2 tablespoons of the mashed berries of blackcurrant and such amount of ground oat flakes. Carefully pound all components before formation of homogeneous mass and put on face. After 12-15 minutes wash cold water. Musk needs to repeat 2-3 times a week to achieve visible result.

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