Free procedures in day spa - for what they?

Free procedures in day spa - for what they?

Most of women dreams to visit the procedure in day spa. It is good when it is not just dreams, and quite feasible desires, but many not always have means to afford the similar procedure rather often. Such women easily agree to visit of the free procedure in day spa.


  1. If the free service or the procedure when usually take rather large sum of money for its carrying out is offered to the client - it is occasion to think that from the visitor will demand in exchange. Offering something free, the company expects that after such service the client we will trust them more. So, with bigger ease will agree to leave the money at repeated visit. The belief is the cornerstone of this principle that the more the person will feel gratitude for the rendered free service, the it will be simpler to gain of it the confidence, to show the company in the most favorable light and to present other services already for payment.
  2. Proceeding from it, absolutely precisely it becomes clear for what clients are invited in salon to free Spa procedure. It is possible to advertize in this way salon or work of the master. New beauty shops or just moved can offer such procedure. Of course, when after the free procedure the client sees how have remarkably taken care of her skin what professionals work in salon and as nearby it is from it at home, it will return here. Thus, loss of money from one procedure will turn back for salon the raised flow of clients in the first months of work.
  3. However, it is possible to advertize in this way not only services of salon, but also cosmetics which is used during Spa procedure. After one drawing the cleaning and moistening means the client can feel favorable effect on the skin and will want to get these means to herself. What similar acts just are also designed for. During the procedure the cosmetologist will tell the woman about cosmetics, its natural components, fast effect on her skin. And later will suggest to issue the contract for acquisition of all line of this cosmetic. Of course, in this case the price of medicine will already include services of the cosmetologist and rent of office, and the case with cosmetics will appear enough roads.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team