Frequent mistakes of women in personal care

Frequent mistakes of women in personal care

after yourself correctly! Usually girls and women spend a lot of time and means for the correct personal care, but do not pay attention to trifles. Read what typical mistakes are made by fine half of mankind.


  1. 1. We prop up face hand. On researches of scientists, on our hands there live more than 200 species of bacteria. Interesting fact: on hands women have twice more microbes, than on male hands. Therefore it is desirable to touch face when you are houses and clean hands.
  2. 2. Seldom we wash brushes for make-up. Brushes are those necessary objects which we put make-up on face. If it is wrong to look after them, in the future it will lead to problems with skin. For this reason brush which we use for foundation we wash every time after use, and for powder and will be blush once a week suffices.
  3. 3. We comb wet hair. When combing moist hair we receive split ends. For a start slowly and accurately blot hair in towel, dry a little and only then comb.
  4. 4. Very often we powder face. Powder use several times a day leads to pollution of skin pores. The matting napkin which will occupy completely greasy luster of skin will come to the rescue. But we do not put layer by layer powder on face at all.
  5. 5. We pull out eyebrows before make-up. It is mistake which is made by most of girls. After plucking out around eyebrows there is irritation at once. Therefore it is necessary to do make-up and to adjust eyebrows in different days. Evening best of all will be suitable for correction of eyebrows.
  6. 6. We apply spirits on hair. Usually as a part of spirits there is alcohol therefore attentively we watch that they have not got on hair. Use of such spirits dries your tips.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team