Frequent mistakes on face care

Frequent mistakes on face care

If you have come to reception to the good cosmetologist, his first question asked you will belong to your usual face care. As a rule, answers of visitors are quite absurd. In pursuit of desirable result, often, they resort to the most undesirable method.

Washing by soap

Unfortunately, some ladies still do not see anything bad in washing with soap use. But probably, they are just not rather informed on its structure. Soap contains sodium and potassium salts – difficult ester (derivative alkalis and fatty acids). One of their remains – hydrofoben. In other words - on skin there is deposit therefore tightness and dryness appears. For face skin it can turn back presenilation.

Excessive use of srubs

In everything it is necessary to know sense of proportion! In spite of the fact that many women admit that after use of soft srub their skin looks better, it does not mean at all that she feels also. Excessive use of the peeling means threatens with removal not only the died-off skin particles, but also its natural protection. From the "easiest" consequences – hypersensibility and tendency to allergies.

Neglect morning clarification

Somehow it was so led that many women consider that it is worth cleaning face skin in the evening and if during the day the make-up has been done on it. Actually at night skin actively works, excreting products of metabolism and toxins. For this reason sometimes in the mornings we see dim skin, and immediately we strive to paint over it foundation. In week, of course, you will not notice side effects, but at this neglect effect accumulative.

Excessive food cream

Have you felt dryness of skin, and has immediately reached for jar of the most nutritious and fat cream? Again miss. Though at first sight that not so? It is clear that for elimination of dryness it is necessary to moisturize something the skin. It appears, even oily skin can be overdried. It turns out, has put here not in food at all, and in moistening. Moistening will be able to fix your problem, and food – to prevent it.

Wrong elimination of fat content

For some reason it is considered that products that contain alcohol can save oily skin only. In practice they only eliminate greasy luster, and the special sparing drying lotions carefully narrowing pores and removing inflammations really will help to cope with problem only.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team