Fresh and pure leather. How to achieve the necessary result?

Fresh and pure leather. How to achieve the necessary result?

In the world of high technologies, frequent stresses and bad ecological situation it becomes difficult to maintain purity of skin and to keep its shining look. Skin becomes dim, there are wrinkles and to keep its freshness, it is necessary to take careful care of skin.

The basic rule of shining face is everyday care and leaving. Perfectly, if it is possible to visit beauty shops and to trust skin care to experts. It is possible to look after face skin also at home not less effectively.

That in the morning to look fine and fresh, it is possible to take the following advice.

  • It is necessary to wash cold water. Warm or hot water will not approach as face muscles relax, and it is necessary to bring them into tone.
  • Ice pieces can act as excellent means to wash. Ice can be made with herb infusion. It will help to remove irritation on skin.
  • In the evening house lotion on parsley which small is cut and ready on water bath will be suitable for clarification of the person. It is possible to add apple cider vinegar. Such tincture is stored several days. By means of this means the face skin is perfectly cleaned, takes fresh and well-groomed form.
  • It is possible to refresh with thermal water the person in hot days. Filled with sea minerals, it will nourish skin necessary moisture. It is not necessary to be afraid of the fact that at face there is make-up. Thermal water will not spoil it.
  • Very important at exit to the street to use cream (looking after or tone) with protective filters from the sun to keep skin youth. Also it is worth to remember about sunglasses.
  • That skin had well rested look and it looked fresh, it is necessary to use palette for drawing make-up of light shades. It is better to disguise circles under eyes the proofreader, and to apply foundation with easy movements or to use sponge. To use ink on minimum. It is possible to finish make-up putting blush of pink shade.
  • It is not necessary to neglect nightly removal of make-up. Skin has to receive rest. It is better to remove make-up special means from series on skin care.
  • The srub can be used not more often than two times a week. After washing it is necessary to apply to skin the looking after cream according to its type.

Very important point in skin care and maintenance of its freshness is excellent mood, smile and desire to look magnificent.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team