Fruit and berry face packs

Fruit and berry face packs

Summer - great time of year for enrichment of our skin with natural vitamins and minerals. Variety of fruit gives us opportunity to make healthy masks of fresh fruit which it is many times better than purchased means. Such masks – paradise for our organism, they are full of vitamins which enrich skin and give it freshness and youth.

Apricot mask. Apricot juice calms and nourishes the angry skin. For this purpose pulp of apricot is mixed with acid milk and put on face.

Mandarine, grapefruit and orange masks are lifesaver for those who have the fat or combined skin. Masks from citrus dry problem sites, clean pores and tone up skin. Pulp should be crushed in the blender and to add a little porridge or starch for solidification.

Water-melon or melon masks. These masks will suit those whose skin is already not so young as it would be desirable. They tone up and give to elasticity, skin becomes gentle and soft. For solidification it is necessary to add a little starch to mask. For oily skin several drops of lemon will become additional ingredient.

Banana maskapomozht in fight against wrinkles, will moisturize and will soften the skin. Banana gruel is suitable for the withering and dry skin. Such mask will inhale new life in your skin.

Strawberry and crimson masks approach all-type skin. They possess the nutritious, refreshing and smoothing action. Masks can be used also as face scrub. At oily skin in berry gruel it is necessary to add the beaten egg white.

The cherry mask tones up and refreshes face skin, fills it with health and nutrients. Also the mask normalizes complexion and removes reddenings. As juice of cherry leaves red shade, for fast washing off it is enough to add several drops of any vegetable oil to mask.

The grape mask has the excellent rejuvenating effect. The acid which is contained in grapes juice helps to peel to the died-off parts of face skin. After drawing it is masks, skin to become smooth, elastic and fresh - what is necessary on hot sunny day.

Rules of fruit and berry masks:

  • Fruit and berry masks are put on the clean, slightly steamed out face for 20 minutes. Then just wash away cool water.
  • For dry skin it is necessary to add sour cream or yolk to mask.
  • For shelled and also sensitive skin about mask add olive oil.
  • For oily skin in mask it is necessary to add egg white.
  • If mask too liquid, then for its solidification it is necessary to add starch or porridge.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team