Gaufre hairstyle: wave behind wave

Gaufre hairstyle: wave behind wave

Recently the magnificent volume and curls are in good graces. But not simple, but corrugated. They can be carried in the dismissed look, but it is better - to lay in stylish hair which do as easy as shelling pears.

Understand ranks of parallel waves as gaufre. Special nippers or good old hair curlers will help to achieve fashionable wave weaving of braids for the night. The easiest and convenient way is to use nippers with special relief plate which happens different form and width. Models with plate from ceramics will become the optimum choice. If on it still there is silver covering - gloss is guaranteed to your hair. Similar nippers pretty fast heat up and are equipped with the temperature regulator that will allow not to overdry locks.

How to make gaufre

Previously process hair any staylingovy means on all length. Laying of gaufre should be carried out from roots towards tips of hair, but not on the contrary as some do. For a start divide hair into separate locks, then serially clamp them between the corrugating surfaces of plates of nippers. Influence one lock no more than 15 seconds! Further nippers need to be moved down, to the place where the pattern on the processed hair has ended. Fashionable corrugation is ready!

Precautionary measures

It is necessary to know some nuances. Do not forget to consider structure and damage of the hair. If your hair are strongly weakened, influence them nippers with the maximum temperature of 180 degrees. Optimum temperature of influence for healthy hair - 190 degrees, for rigid and curly - 190-200 degrees. Temperature is higher than this limit pernicious even when using the most quality thermosprays.

Hairstyles by means of gaufre

The simplest hairstyle on the basis of gaufre - it is simple to collect the turned-out curls upward and to record them by means of hairpins. For this purpose twist hair in occipital part of the head in peculiar roller and fix it by invisible beings. Lock behind lock fix hair by means of varnish, invisible beings or hairpins. For underlining of structure of gaufre it is necessary to use liquid varnish. It is possible to leave hair at roots straight, and to make gaufre, having receded from them on 20-30 centimeters. Then to collect hair in horse tail. Very stylish hairstyle which will fit into many daily images will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team