Gelatinous face packs

Gelatinous face packs

Gelatin really unique product which modern women actively use for preparation of face packs. It is rich with amino acids, vitamins and proteins. Gelatinous masks are especially useful to owners of the sluggish and withering skin.

To make universal face pack, fill in 1 tablespoon of gelatin with small amount of cold water. Wait until it bulks up, and dismiss on water bath. Later mix gelatinous weight with 1 tablespoon of milk and talc. Cool the received gruel to room temperature and evenly put on the face oiled by olive. You hold structure within 10 minutes – during this time it has to dry up slightly. It is necessary to take off gelatinous mask as follows: moisten towel with hot water, wring out and apply for couple of minutes to the person. Then wash away weight cotton tampon and rinse face with cool water.

The mask about lifting effect will be ideal for the withering skin. Fill in 10-15 g of gelatin of 40-50 ml of water of room temperature and leave for 45-60 minutes. Then mix 10 g of oxide of zinc and 40 ml of glycerin in separate ware. In the bulked-up gelatin accurately pour in the received mix and mix before formation of uniform consistence. Put structure on water bath and you hold until it becomes liquid. Further take three strips of medical bandage, moisten them in jelly and apply to the person in the following sequence: face form, area of forehead and middle part. From above impose one more layer of mask. In half an hour remove bandage and wash cool water.

Gelatin has the light bleaching effect therefore it can be used for fight against pigmentation on face. Fill in with warm water 3-5 g of gelatin and leave to bulk up within 50-55 minutes. After accurately enter into it 10 g of liquid natural honey and 60 ml of glycerin. Put ware on water bath and you hold until gelatin on is dissolved. Put mix even layer on clean face and leave before full drying. Do not worry if the mask pulls together skin - it is normal reaction. It is necessary to remove means the cotton tampon moistened in warm serum or milk.

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