Gentle skin care around eyes

Gentle skin care around eyes

The thinnest and gentle skin is located around eyes. Exactly there are first wrinkles. And here as much as possible to delay this moment, it is necessary to look after skin around eyes with special awe and care how the girl will cross mark of the 25 anniversary. And even if problems were not designated yet, you should not be lazy. Further skin will tell thanks.

 There are 3 main stages of daily care for skin around eyes. However, they do not differ from care for skin of face and body. This clarification, moistening and nutrition.

 For clarification use of the special means intended for skin around eyes will be the best decision. Best of all micellar water, or the means which is not containing fat will approach. It is better to give preference to means with the most natural structure. Pollution need to be deleted extremely accurately, without stretching and without squeezing gentle skin.

 That skin received enough moisture it is necessary to conform to several rules:

  • To drink large amount of liquid;
  • And here very salty food it is better to avoid;
  • To sleep necessary time, to avoid sleepless nights;
  • Means for moistening to choose according to age. Best of all if the structure includes natural additives, such as, aloe and pink water. And here with talc, glycerin, vaseline and lanolin it is the best of all for cosmetics to say no;
  • To do masks of house or professional production not less than two times a week.

 Food - one of the main guarantees of beauty and youth of skin. Till 30 flyings there is enough not frequent performing procedures which feed skin cages from within, saturating them with nutrients. And here after thirty it is necessary to approach carefully question of the choice of cosmetics for skin care around eyes. Cosmetics with the content of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A and E, gilauronovy acid will be best of all. They will render effect of lifting, will accelerate process of regeneration of fabrics, will remove hypostases and will carry nutrients in cages.

 Around eyes the main thing not to be overzealous in skin care. The excess of creams and masks is capable to have not useful effect, but absolutely boomerang effect from the desirable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team