Glazing of hair: rules and nuances

Glazing of hair: rules and nuances

Glazing is recommended for all types of hair, irrespective of length and color. Especially recommend this procedure for fine and dry hair with split ends and also for protection against harmful climatic, mechanical and chemical factors. With the purpose to achieve only cosmetic effect the procedure is used for painting of gray hair, giving of bright shade to hair, by strengthenings of color of dyed hair.

Glazing is treatment and hair recovery with use of the high-quality medicines rich with ceramides. Carry out the procedure in several steps:

  1. deeply clean by means of shampoo taking into account your type hair;
  2. dry also on much the injured hair (dry, fragile, splitting);
  3. cause the restoring structure;
  4. apply glaze which is washed away in 15 – 20 minutes without use of shampoo on dry hair;
  5. hair dry towel and put the foam stabilizer fixing glaze for 5 minutes;
  6. wash hair with water, put the indelible conditioner and do laying. 

The effect of glazing remains about a month, gradually decreasing after each washing of hair.

  • it is strictly forbidden to paint hair, to use masks, conditioners;
  • for washing of hair it will be necessary to use neutral shampoos (namely nurseries);
  • it is as little as possible to use means for laying.

The principle of action of glazing consists in the following: under the influence of keramidny structure there is "soldering" of all roughnesses and roughnesses inherent in generally dry and splitting hair. Each hair becomes visually thicker, that is volume increases, hairs become shiny and smooth, easily comb hair and keep within. Glazing minimum makes heavier hair and therefore perfectly is suitable for thick and long hair.

Beauty shops of the master can offer you not only colourless medicine for glazing, but also multi-color palette of various shades. The tone of your hair will remain, glaze will not be washed up yet. The Keramidny structure applied to glazing acts carefully and softly, strengthening hair. Therefore this useful procedure can be repeated in month, without being afraid of glut.

Try glazing of hair and adequately estimate the received smart result: the smooth, shiny, silky and volume hairs changed to 1-2 tones (according to your desire) or brighter already painted, obedient and easily keeping within hairstyle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team