Glossing of hair

Glossing of hair

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In beauty shops along with massages, procedures for care for skin of face and body, manicure and pedicure the increasing popularity is gained by procedures for hair care. It both lamination, and wrapping of hair hot silk, and shielding, and glazing and many other things.

Now such procedure for hair as glossing is very popular. It is one of types of lamination. Difference in the price and that the effect of lamination keeps on hair longer. The procedure effectively fights against dry, brittle hair, adding them unprecedented gloss, filling with force and restoring from roots to the tips. Hair also cease to be confused and well comb hair. If your hair are exposed to frequent colourings, dry and fragile and also by nature curling and curly-headed, then this procedure will be ideal for you. Lamination cannot be made on just dyed hair.

Types of glossing:

1) Molecular. Becomes with use of the French medicines. Means are applied only on hair, without mentioning roots.

2) Kutikulyarnoye. It is carried out with use of the Spanish and Italian medicines. Means is applied to head skin and on all length of hair.

Procedure course:

1) For a start hair carefully wash with shampoo for deep cleaning of hair.

2) Then hair wipe towel and put on all length special means for deep leaving and restoration. Leave for 5 minutes that means has filled all scales of hair.

3) On all length the hair put the thermoprotectant, leave for 3 minutes, and then divide into small locks and straighten everyone the iron at temperature of 180 degrees.

4) Then hair wash with shampoo with ceramides and put special means for glossy gloss, leave for 5 minutes and wash away. Here and all procedure, it was necessary only to dry up and lay them.

It is possible to tell that the procedure of glossing - real miracle. It adds to hair poslushnost, gloss and force. Simple technology of performance allows to make it even in house conditions. To remember the main thing that for longer effect after the procedure behind hair the special care by means of professional shampoos is necessary. Look after the hair, beautiful and healthy hair - the business card of the modern successful woman.

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