Glue for eyelashes - application and characteristics

Glue for eyelashes - application and characteristics

women are not really happy with density and length of the eyelashes. Then eyelash extension comes to the rescue. One of the main materials for building is special glue for eyelashes. Not only durability of fastening of cilia, but also health of eyes depends on its quality.

Types of glue for eyelashes

There are three types of glue for eyelashes.

  1. Standard glue for eyelashes which becomes transparent when drying. Such glue often goes in sets for eyelash extension.
  2. Waterproof glue is used when building big bunches of eyelashes or in need of rather strong fixing.
  3. Black glue for eyelashes has the same properties, as usual, but when drying does not lose color. It is used when in make-up the eyeliner is applied. The type of glue is chosen depending on make-up and weather conditions. At evening dark make-up it is possible to use black glue. And for the events held in the open air it is better to choose waterproof.

Use of glue for eyelashes

Glue has to be applied on back surface of false eyelashes in small amount that when drying the place of gluing could be disguised cosmetics. It is the best of all to remove surplus of glue cosmetic stick. You should not cause large amount of glue – it can get into eyes. It is better to allow it to dry up a little and only then to paste eyelashes. It is possible to glue the passed sites, having applied glue on toothpick.

Characteristics of glue for eyelashes

As glue has direct contact with sensitive eyelid skin, it is necessary to remember that it should not cause allergic reactions and incorporate toxic substances. As a part of glue also there should not be forbidden substances. Speed of drying and durability is also important. The majority of glues with such qualities are intended only for work of the masters who were trained. They incorporate substances which at misuse can cause allergy, irritation and poisoning. Color of glue also belongs to its important characteristics. Low-quality glue can be noticeable when drying. For example, to leave white spots or rough surface. One more important characteristic of glue is his firmness. The optimum firmness of glue of 10-15 days, at smaller firmness glue cannot be considered as qualitative. One more characteristic – adhesion or sticking of glue. For quality product the procedure of gluing should not exceed three minutes. For glue which does not demand skin degreasing this time is a little more. Quality glue should not have pungent and unpleasant smell. Also glue should not evaporate quickly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team