Good dream – pledge of beautiful figure

Good dream – pledge of beautiful figure

Dream – the condition of the person which is still not studied up to the end. Numerous observations have not offered explanation why people cannot but sleep. But scientists managed to find out a lot of things: as the dream influences human body, and what consequences of chronic sleep debt.

Without full-fledged dream it is impossible to hold good shape. In dream the brain has a rest, the body relaxes, gains strength. The lack of dream leads organism to fast exhaustion and condition of stress. The scourge of our time is obesity. The rhythm of life becomes quicker, but more and more people have this illness. Everything it is the reason stress, and optional received as a result of mental loadings. The physical exhaustion, lack of rest, conducts to slow, but stable set of weight.

As a result of long-term observations, scientists have drawn conclusions that the people who do not have excess weight and adhering to healthy nutrition because of constant sleep debt add on average in 700 grams in year. And people persons interested to lose weight which sleep 8 hours and more, grow thin quicker, than people who do not fill up. It is all about hormones. Only in dream hormones on which weight loss process directly depends are produced. Namely: hormone of growth which promotes regeneration of fabrics and combustion of fat leptin – saturation hormone, its enough suppresses appetite. Grelin – hormone is developed when the person is awake and stimulates feeling of hunger. At defective dream, in organism grelin exceeds lipin that leads to excessive consumption of food.

Many experienced nutritionists consider: the full-fledged dream is the key to successful weight loss. That it was not necessary to wait for results of diet long, it is necessary to sleep not less than 8 hours. It is obligatory to lay down till midnight, it is ideal at 22-23 o'clock since biological clock of organism works accurately, and the main production of hormones happens in the first night hours. Fans to sit up after midnight, lose opportunity to receive the standard daily rate of the hormones necessary for good shape. In dream the organism not only has a rest, but continues to work and lose calories, and it is the basic principle of weight loss. When the person sleeps, in hour about 50 kcal are burned. During full-fledged dream it is possible to lose up to 400 kcal. For a long time fact in evidence that dream - the same component of healthy full-fledged life as sports activities and healthy nutrition.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team