Hair are electrified: how to get rid of problem

Hair are electrified: how to get rid of problem

The problem of the electrified hair is especially relevant in cold season. Headdresses, especially from synthetic fabrics, dry and frosty air, negative impact of snow on curls, excessive use of the hair dryer or iron quicker to dry up and style hair, overcooling of the head – all this is the reasons why hair are electrified. However it is possible to get rid of such problem or at least to minimize it.

The dry and too electrified hair give a lot of inconvenience in the winter. They become disobedient, fragile, quite often look uncombed and not well-groomed. If it was necessary to face such problem, then first of all it is necessary to reconsider the habitual curl care. What should be made?

First, to get rid of plastic hairbrushes. It is the best of all to use wooden crests in the winter. It is not recommended to comb curls on the street, especially if weather very frosty.

Secondly, to pick up new shampoos, conditioners, hair balms. Now there are even special lines of the looking after means which are intended for use in cold season. It is necessary to refuse means for oily hair, to choose cosmetics which will feed and moisten in addition curls. It is also recommended to use special protective sprays which can possess also antistatic function.

Thirdly, it is necessary to reduce usage time of the hair dryer, curling iron, iron. Similar devices overdry hair even stronger and promote that they begin to be electrified very strongly. If it is necessary to dry up curls, it is worth using only the mode of cold air in the hair dryer. Before use of other devices it is necessary to apply on hair of skin or mousses for laying, to spray thermomeans for protection.

Fourthly, after habitual washing of the head it is necessary to rinse hair with cool water.

What else it is possible to make to get rid of problem

  1. You should not go outside during bad weather without hood or cap. The contact with rain or snow will negatively affect health of hair.
  2. It is necessary to choose headdresses correctly. They should not be too close, it is not necessary to allow situations when the head in cap sweats. It is necessary to give preference to headdresses from natural materials which do not provoke the increased electrization of hair.
  3. Strangely enough, but usual mineral water is capable to help with fight against the electrified hair. It can be poured in spray later to spray on all length of hair, or to wash out it curls after washing of the head.
  4. Perfectly essential oils of rose, rosemary and lavender fight against static electricity. They should be parted in water, and after similar mix to process dry hair.
  5. Useful will be to get for the house humidifier and the special device – the ionizer. Such devices will affect microclimate in the apartment positively, will saturate air in rooms with negatively charged ions and moisture.
  6. It is not necessary to wash curls every day. At the same time it is not recommended to use very hot water which overdries hair.
  7. Will do to useful special nutritious and moisturizing masks for hair, in winter season such procedure is especially useful. It is possible to use already ready mixes which are on sale in shops or to make house masks, for example, on the basis of honey and eggs.
  8. It is worth refraining from frequent coloring of hair in the winter. It concerns both use of chemical paints, and application of natural means. Similar manipulations make stressful impact on curls, overdry them and injure. It can become as a result the reason why hair are strongly electrified.
  9. You should not forget also about healthy nutrition. For appearance hair, for their growth certain vitamins and useful microelements which can be received both from products, and from nutritional supplements or vitamin complexes are required. It is recommended to add to diet seafood, bean, fruit and fresh vegetables in the winter.
  10. It is possible to get rid of problem with hair, having begun to use special means as a part of which there is wax. The chosen means should be applied on palms, and after to smooth curls hands.
  11. One of the reasons why hair are strongly electrified, the lack of moisture of the organism is. Therefore it is necessary to drink more liquids, especially usual drinking water. Besides, for similar "thanks" and skin which during the winter period is very subject to drying because of the shortage of moistening too will tell.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team