Hair care in the winter

Hair care in the winter

In the winter our hair most of all require care because they are exposed to double negative impact: from cold air on the street and dry because of heating in rooms.


  1. Besides, in the winter hair receive insufficient amount of vitamins because of limited food, and proteins, antioxidants, iron, magnesium, fatty acids omega-3 and many other things are necessary for them …
  2. In order that hairs even in cold season remained shiny, smooth and strong, it is necessary to pay special attention to care for them and head skin.
  3. Correct pitaniyechtoba hair did not become dry, fragile and lifeless it is necessary to include the following products in the daily diet: • Meat. Our hair consist of keratin which the organism develops from proteins. A lot of protein and gland which help from the thin, weak and often dropping out hair contains animal meat • Milk. This product also contains the important proteins and calcium necessary for growth of hair, and some producers add to it vitamin D (it improves digestion of calcium). • Fruit and vegetables with dark green leaves. They contain the antioxidants and magnesium lowering stress level in organism and reducing risk of inflammatory processes. Stress, as we know, one of the most common causes of hair loss. • Salmon. In him the omega-3, useful to head skin is a lot of fatty acids. And in healthy head skin – healthy hair follicles from which strong and strong hair will grow. Do not forget to drink also more water and to use humidifiers in warm rooms.
  4. The choice of the correct means for voloszimy our hair need the strengthened food and moistening therefore it is better to choose means with the content of natural oils (argan oil, shea butter, coconut and jojoba oil). These oils contain set of useful components and vitamins (D, E), they will saturate bulbs of hair, will revitalize head skin and "will smooth" the surface of hair, having made them smooth, brilliant, easily combed and pleasantly smelling.
  5. Experts not for nothing recommend to use means with natural oils: they improve growth of hair and help to restore their damaged structure, nourish head skin, restoring fat balance, providing smoothness and softness without greasy luster, humidify locks and eliminate excessive dryness.
  6. Argan oil is especially appreciated. It is very difficult to extract it because the tree bears prickly fruits with small stones and only once in 2 years, oil turns out very little: from 100 kilograms of everything 1-2 liters of oil. Natural argan oil contains set of nutrients: vitamins A and E, fatty acids, antioxidants and phytosterols. Vitamins promote regeneration, and phytosterols — production of collagen, than strengthen hair bulbs and prevent their excessive loss. Means with argan oil not only promote moistening and hair recovery, but create protective barrier, preserving hair against external impact of cold and wind.


Natural oils contain in various winter cosmetics, and argan oil not exception: it is included in composition of creams, lotions, even lipsticks and, of course, shampoos and balms, for example by the Supreme Head & Shoulders beauty-lines. Thanks to the maintenance of powerful nutritious complex, these means will help to uvlazhit dry and brittle hair, to make them magnificent, and will protect from the coming cold weather. They also nourish head skin, protect from dandruff and give smoothness to hair.

  1. Increase in immunitetazim — cold and rigid season in which constantly it is necessary to be on the alert not to catch cold. And besides that the low immunity in itself thing, dangerous and harmful to organism, it also influences condition of our hair. When the person has bad immunity, in its organism regeneration processes slow down, hair grow worse, become grown dull, lose volume, sputyvatsya more often and badly keep within. By the way, scientists have proved that the hair loss is connected with immunity directly: stem cells in roots of hair are influenced by t lymphocytes, they help the immune system to see with hair "" cages, speaking not to attack and not to cause baldness. The same lymphocytes stimulate division of stem cells because of what hair grow

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