Hair care – simple rules

Hair care – simple rules

Beauty of hair – important stage in image of any woman. Ladies for years look after head skin and hair to look effective and tidy. Beautiful, voluminous, thick hair, undoubtedly, dream of each woman. And the correct care for them contains several simple rules.

Shear the ends more often. 

If you often use the iron, the curling iron or the hair dryer, hair become drier. They do not receive natural food and lubricant from head skin and begin to die off with the ends – and split ends appear. It is impossible to restore them, they need to be sheared only. To prevent the section of tips it is necessary to comb hair and do it by qualitative hairbrush correctly.  

Combing of hair. It is undesirable to comb wet hair. They are strongly extended, easily are damaged and escape. Moist hair can be combed at some types of hairstyle and at certain types of hair. Begin to comb since the ends and move ahead upward. Dry hair need to be combed from roots to tips, but to do it it is necessary accurately. At such method lubricant from head skin is distributed on all hair.

Correct hairbrush. Your hairbrush should not be metal. It is considered that the best option for hair – wooden hairbrush. Cloves on it have to be rare, large and not sharp. Rigid cloves harm your hair, and especially to their tips.

Do not allow hair to grow dull. Over time hair lose natural gloss. That is promoted by constant laying, waves, chemical influence and external factors. Activity of sebaceous glands decreases and hair grow dull. Frequent colourings and highlighting aggravate situation. To prevent such process it is necessary to look after hair correctly.

How to return to hair gloss:

  • after each use of shampoo it is necessary to use balm or the conditioner, and time a week the hair need nutritious mask;
  • after washing of the head rinse hair cool water – the contrast shower does well only to curls;
  • when drying hair use cold air flow;
  • use hairbrushes from natural bristle which clean curls from pollution, giving them gloss;
  • give to the hair of brightness and live gloss by means of coloring shampoo. Choosing paint, try not to give preferences to ashy shades – they badly reflect sunlight and hair look dim;
  • use special serum or spray for hair shine, but do not go too far that hair did not seem grease by sight.

Following simple rules on hair care, it is possible to achieve amazing effect – beautiful and healthy curls which will attract views of people around.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team