Hair care with olive oil

Hair care with olive oil

For a long time olive oil is used in cosmetology. It is capable to make skin smooth and gentle, as at the baby, and hair – healthy, strong and brilliant. Olive oil by right is considered the best assistant at care for head of hear.

Oil of olive is storeroom of vitamins, micro and macrocells and also other valuable components. As at its structure there are antioxidants and vitamin E, olive oil perfectly nourishes and softens head skin and also possesses the rejuvenating and wound healing action. Regular use of oil of olive at care for head of hear strengthens hair, increases their volume, accelerates growth, helps to get rid of dandruff and split ends.

Olive oil at hair care can be used in pure form or as a part of curative cosmetic mixes. When performing single-component mask, oil is slightly warmed up on water bath (its temperature has to be not higher than 30 wasps), then the easy massing movements rub it in head skin, and the remains distribute funds on locks. The mask is left for couple of hours, previously having covered the head with cellophane package and having wrapped up with warm towel, and later wash away warm water with soft shampoo. It is possible to perform similar procedures every other day.

For strengthening of effect oil of olive can be enriched with aromatic tea tree oil, orange or lemon and also vitamins A and E.

For recovery of the weakened and injured hair use the mask consisting of the following components: - 0.5 cups of honey;

- 0.5 cups of oil of olive; - egg. Components carefully mix then mix is rubbed in head skin and evenly distribute on hair. Further put on rubber hat the head and cover it with warm down scarf. Hold the restoring mask of 13-15 minutes, and later wash away warm water with soft shampoo. Do this procedure twice a week. If hair split, do the medical mask prepared according to the following recipe for which will be necessary: - 1 part of the dried-up lavender; - 2 parts of oil of olive. The lavender is filled in with oil then ware with mix is placed on small fire for half an hour. Further broth is cooled (it has to get comfortable temperature) and filtered. The enriched oil is applied on hair (on all their length) before going to bed, and wash away mask warm water with soft shampoo in the morning. The recommended frequency of implementation of medical procedures – once a week. The remained means is poured in small bottle from dark glass and densely corked.

To reduce the fat content of hair and to accelerate growth of head of hear mix of olive oil and tincture of red pepper will help (ratio 1:1). After drawing the mask is held by no more than 15 minutes, but at strong burning the structure is washed away at once.

Strengthens the weakened hair and the mask from olive oil allocates them with magnificent gloss. For its preparation take the following components: - banana; - 3 tsps of honey; - 3 tsps of milk; - egg; - 5 tsps of oil of olive. The peeled banana crushed in gruel is mixed with the shaken-up egg, olive oil, honey and the boiled milk cooled up to the comfortable temperature. Ready weight is rubbed in head skin and distributed on locks. Not less than 30 minutes hold mask, then wash the head with water of comfortable temperature with soft shampoo. The recommended frequency of implementation of such procedure – time in 7 days.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team