Hair care without visit of salon

Hair care without visit of salon

Each woman dreams of beautiful and healthy hair. For this purpose it is not obligatory to visit expensive salons, it is possible to receive shiny and long hairs and in house conditions.

Dream of each woman are beautiful, healthy and long hair. But that to carry out it, it is necessary to look after hair correctly. Such leaving not always demands many expenses, it is possible to look after them and in house conditions. Hair require daily correct leaving. The easiest way to make hair is better - it is to wash the head each 2 days. It seems that in this case there are no difficulties. But actually there are some nuances to do it it is correct.

The correct selection of shampoo is very important. For each type of hair there is set of types of shampoos: for oily hair, for dry, for exhausted, for damaged, for dim, etc.

After washing of the head it is necessary to use hair balm, having chosen suitable your type. Balm will make hair smooth and brilliant and also they will easily comb hair that is important. But balm needs to be used correctly. It is impossible to apply it on roots as after that hair will look oily and ugly. It is better to use it having receded from roots, centimeters on 5-10 a little.

It is not necessary to wash the head with hot water as after that hair become limp and lifeless. It is better to wash hair under warm or even slightly cool water. Such water will smooth hair scales, and hairs will become shiny.

In order that hair were beautiful and healthy, it is necessary to injure less them. To use less the hair dryer, and in winter season to dry only roots of hair. To use less the iron and stayler for hair as their use very much harms hair, evaporating from them moisture. Thermal hair curlers can be replaced usual – they will not do much harm to hair at all. If it is not possible to avoid use of the iron, then it is necessary to use thermoprotective spray. It will protect hair from high temperature and will not stick together them. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team