Hair-dye without ammonia: myths and truth

Hair-dye without ammonia: myths and truth

Many hair-dyes of the last generation do not contain ammonia. Producers promise ideal result without harm for hair. Advertizing does not deceive, just there do not tell all truth.

All truth about paints without ammonia

In advertizing of paints without ammonia the famous stylists and beauties from movies promise that hair not only will get the necessary shade, but also will become healthier and brilliant. It not absolutely so.

Paints which do not contain ammonia possess less expressed action. The pigment does not get deeply in hair. Therefore cardinally to change color with their help it will not turn out. Such paints will help to become lightest on one tone, and to darken - on two - three shades.

Before applying paint on hair, carry out the text on allergy. Even those who kolorirut hair not the first time should making it when drawing means of the new brand.

Because the painting pigment remains close to the surface of hair, it is very quickly washed away. The promised gloss keeps before the first washing of the head. After hair become more dim, color changes. Paint almost completely disappears through four - five weeks after coloring. Exactly thanks to the fact that paint is not absorbed deeply in hair it is less noxious to health curls. But all the same, dyed hair becomes drier and at inadequate leaving quickly loses attractive appearance.

Paint without ammonia - myths

Many beauties exaggerate paint advantages without ammonia, assuming that it treats hair. It is lie. Paint does not do hair by either more dense, or more brilliant. The only paint which is capable to strengthen curls - henna. But it has very small color palette therefore hair decide to kolorirovat it the few.

After coloring use the restoring balms and shampoos for the injured hair. Then curls will be healthier, and color will remain longer.

Paint without ammonia it is possible to clarify hair strongly. No, as it was written above, it is possible to become lightest on one tone. And that provided that initial color not too dark. Paint without ammonia it is possible to kolorirovat hair though every week. It's not true. Paint contains enough substances which are negatively affecting health of hair. Therefore it is worth observing interval between colourings - three - four weeks. And at repeated toning in the same color you apply paint only on roots, distributing on all length in ten minutes prior to the end of time of coloring. It will help to keep tips of hair healthy. Paint without ammonia does not cause allergy. It is lie. Any cosmetic, even the most natural, is capable to cause allergic reaction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team