Hair-dyeing: on moist hair or dry?

Hair-dyeing: on moist hair or dry?

To make changes to the image - normal desire of many women. The easiest and available way is change of hair color. It is possible to paint curls and independently in house conditions. In this case there are nuances.

Coloring of hair

Independently to paint hair capacity the brush or brush for putting paint, old towel will be necessary for you for paint cultivation, to avoid emergence of spots on clothes, hairbrush with rare teeths for paint distribution. Most of women, for the first time painting hair in house conditions, ask question - on damp or it is necessary to apply paint on dry hair? There is no definite answer to this question as everything depends on what paint you have chosen.

Types of dyes for hair

The choice of means for giving to hair of desirable shade is rather big today. It is possible to carry to the most widespread options: - resistant chemical paints; - coloring chemical paints (shampoos, balms, skins); - natural paints.

Resistant chemical paints

Resistant chemical hair-dye can be bought not only in shop of professional cosmetics, but in usual supermarket, only keep in mind that the palette of shades at professional dyes is much wider.

If you are going to change often hair color, it is worth giving preference to professional paints — the dyes which are their part are easier washed away.

Resistant paint can be applied both on dry, and on slightly moist hair. Everything depends on paint grade. Keep in mind that on moist hair it is easier to distribute structure, however the damp surface of hair has smaller absorbency that can lead to uneven coloring. In addition, color at damp way of drawing will turn out as a result less bright. What definitely should not be done before coloring, so it to wash the head. It is the best of all if from washing of hair before coloring there pass two-three days. It will create on hair protective fat film which will protect them from aggressive influence of chemical components and will save from excessive peresushivaniye.

Coloring chemical paints

Coloring dyes for hair for convenience are provided in various forms. It is possible to change color of head of hear by means of shampoo, the painting balm or coloring skin. Advantages of coloring dyes are that they have smaller penetration, and therefore will do the minimum harm to your hair. Shortcomings of such coloring — low firmness of color and, as a result, more frequent colourings. Coloring paints, as a rule, need to be applied on the moist, previously washed up hair.

Natural hair-dyes

Natural dyes not only will give to your hair desirable color, but also will revitalize head of hear, will add gloss and "poslushnost". In coloring of hair only one shortcoming — the poor choice of shades is natural substances.

Natural dyes do not injure hair, but are quickly washed away and do not give the chance to experiment much with color.

The most widespread natural dyes of hair are henna, basma. On heels to traditional dyes there step coffee and cocoa. With their help it is possible to receive set of shades of chestnut and brown colors. Such paints are usually applied on slightly moist hair.

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