Hair extension and further care for them

Hair extension and further care for them

The smart and causing envy of people around hair are decoration of any woman. But by nature not all get such beauty therefore experts – hairdressers come to the rescue. The fashion does not stand still, and modern technologies allow to increase desired curls. Every day there is improvement of technologies of hair extension and practically in each salon carry out such manipulations.

The increased hair will transform your appearance just to unrecognizability, length of hair depends only on your desires. But that such hair long remained beautiful and attractive, careful leaving, of course, anything special is required, but nevertheless it is worth applying several following councils.

To comb such hair it is necessary to use hairbrush with soft cloves according to the recommendation of the experienced expert. The direction of combing should be chosen from tips to roots. To carefully comb places of fastening of hair, not to allow their sputyvaniye among themselves.

It is worth washing and drying hair carefully. It is necessary to apply shampoos with the neutral maintenance of ph without various additives and impurity. Along with shampoo it is obligatory to use balms. For drying you should not use the hair dryer, it is better that the increased hair dried in the natural way. The most important not to allow combing of wet hair as it can lead to damage and loss.

For laying it is possible to use any cosmetic (gel, wax, varnish), but only with the neutral maintenance of ph. It is possible to use hair curlers and nippers, but for more difficult hairstyles it is necessary to resort to the qualified specialist. Before going to bed it is necessary to braid hair in one or two braids to prevent their sputyvaniye. If you after all have decided to increase hair, then it is worth addressing to good hairdresser's salon to the highly qualified specialist not to do harm to the native hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team