Hair extension: how to carry out the procedure

Hair extension: how to carry out the procedure

Hair extension - the procedure rather ancient, however interest in it is shown also in the modern world. Its duration since ancient times was reduced till four o'clock, besides, technologies of its carrying out considerably were improved.

In beauty shops, different technologies of hair extension can be offered. Set of all necessary means will depend on what type of the procedure will be chosen by the client.

The Italian technique is most widespread, it assumes building with use of high temperatures therefore for the procedure it is required to have locks, and of rather high quality, they will fasten to natural hair by means of special pitch. Besides, the heating device will be necessary that to soften it. For the minimum injury of hair this device has to be equipped with two clips on which temperature is easily regulated.

The following type of building - Spanish which carrying out surely requires Rueber glue. It should be noted that this technique is recommended to generally fair-haired girls as glue differs in whitish shade. At use of the French technology, Rueber brand glue as this type of building is developed on the basis of Spanish will be also necessary. The difference between them is that the master needs also dye of the necessary shade. Thanks to it such building is available, unlike previous, to girls with any hair color. It is possible to carry out building on the English technology thanks to the special glue gun and organic pitch. There is also one more procedure of building. It is considered the safest and painless for hair. Its secret is that instead of glue only metal beads will be necessary for the master. They are surely chosen to match natural hair, and therefore are imperceptible. Besides, for carrying out building the client will need to have length of hair exceeding 15 cm. This condition is established because differently natural hair will not sustain the attached locks. If length of hair is less, but it is necessary to increase them, then the maximum length of new hair will be able to be only from 30 to 50 cm.

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