Hair loss after the delivery. What should I do?

Hair loss after the delivery. What should I do?

The pregnant woman - it is always beautiful and charming. It always in good mood, with beautiful skin, nails and hair. But here after the delivery this situation can cardinally change.

Many factors can be the cause: during pregnancy the woman very carefully watches the food and practically does not refuse to herself anything. In parallel she uses complex of vitamins which positively affects not only health of future child, but also on it too. The absence of stresses and long walks in the fresh air positively influence the general condition of future mother.

After the delivery the woman can face such problem as hair loss. This illness is very widespread and every second woman faces it. It is connected with change of hormonal background, change of diet (the feeding mother in many respects is forced to refuse to herself) and, of course, stresses. Constant sleep debts, night feedings, shouts - all this affects not only morale, but also on physical. Therefore it is necessary to have a rest as much as possible if it is impossible at night, then it is necessary to sleep in the afternoon during sleep of the kid.

How to struggle with hair loss after the delivery

It is possible to cope with problem as independently, and by means of the trichologist. For the solution of this problem independently you will need a little time. It is necessary just to pick up shampoo which will have the strengthening properties, the mask with eggs, whey or just burdock oil which is rubbed in roots and is not washed away one and a half-two hours will also well affect hair. There are also other methods, for example, some recommend obstrich dead and split ends - 30% of women were satisfied with this procedure and have kept the curls.

But if national methods do not help and independently it is impossible to cope with problem, then it is necessary to go to the doctor. The trichologist - the expert who is engaged in treatment and prevention of diseases of hair and head skin. He will establish the specific reason of loss of indumentum and will eliminate it. Treatment can be performed by means of tablets or special procedures. Modern medical developments allow to carry out treatment during feeding by breast so to be afraid and think that your beauty will do harm to the baby is not necessary. Beautiful mother and the healthy kid - pledge of happy family.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team