Hair oil: types, influence, use

Hair oil: types, influence, use

Healthy hair look as silk, but daily washing of the head, laying and other procedures break balance of substances as a part of hair, its structure is damaged. The dehydrated hair become brittle, dry, and the lack of proteins and fats does them dim and rigid. How can natural oils help?

At the heart of chemical composition of our hair of squirrels of keratin. It is followed by water and fatty acids. At damage of structure of hair, natural oils are capable to restore it, to hold moisture, to fill with missing elements.

Types of oils for protection and hair recovery

Hair oil is vegetable and radio. 

Vegetable oils for hair

Fat oils which receive from fruits of seeds and plants. They consist of fats with the additional content of vitamins and minerals. Vegetable oils can be used for hair and head skin: they feed, humidify, strengthen, eliminate dandruff and itch.

As popular are considered: castoric, burdock, coconut, almond. They contain the substances necessary for hair: tannic and resinous elements, proteinaceous connections, carbohydrates.

Vegetable oils in turn are divided into two groups: 

Getting. Fill hair cortex, feed, deeply humidify and restore from within. Treat them: coconut oil, avocado, shi, olive, macadamia.

Superficial. Protect hair outside, envelop it, hold natural moisture inside, restore lipidic cover. This argan oil, jojoba, castoric, grape seeds.

Important detail: the getting oils need from 5 to 14 hours to impregnate hair. Less time is useless to hold them.

As vegetable oils help hair

  • at dryness of hair save shea butter, coconut, grape seed, soy, sesame;
  • will be suitable for oily hair macadamia oil, almond, burdock;
  • the injured or very dry hair recover argan oil, cocoa, jojoba, avocado;
  • prevention against loss: burdock, castoric, mustard, sea-buckthorn;
  • at the disturbing nagger and dandruff: jojoba oil, avocado.

As it is correct to use 

It is good to apply the getting oils to strongly injured hair as mask. To apply on dry dirty hair, to leave for the night. Then carefully to wash away shampoo and to finish with the conditioner. To do by course once a week up to 2 months.

Surface oils can be applied as the indelible conditioner on clean dry hair. They facilitate laying, reduce harm from ultraviolet. 

Before use of oil advise to warm, in warm look they are more active.

Essential oils for hair

Fragrant oils receive from essential oil-bearing plants, they differ from vegetable in the volatility, high concentration and overactivity. Essential oils use in combination with fat basis. In pure form they can be added when combing, having dripped to steam of drops on crest.

As essential oils help hair

All essential oils are useful to hair and head skin and render the antibacterial, immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory, tonic, antioxidant action. 

  • oily hair will be suited: oil of lemon, mint, cedar, ginger;
  • will be useful to dry hair: oil of orange, tangerine, camomile, rose, sandal-wood tree;
  • the injured hair will recover: oil of geranium, pink tree, lavender;
  • at appearance of dandruff will come to the rescue: oil of basil, tea tree, eucalyptus, camomile;
  • stimulate growth of hair: oil of geranium, tea tree, cinnamon, eucalyptus.

As it is correct to use

  • At preparation of mask for hair: to add couple of drops of oil to mix before drawing.
  • As conditioner: to add to water or herbs decoction, previously having diluted oil in tea to spoon of salt or soda.
  • For strengthening of operation of the conditioner: to pour in several drops at portion.

How to choose hair oil

  • Learn the type of hair and be convinced that to oil it is mentioned in the instruction.
  • Choose oil depending on effect which was would like to be received.
  • You look at structure of means: the product has to be 100% natural without additive of suspicious components and fragrances.

There is opinion that oils dry hair. Yes, oil can not approach therefore it is important to pick up the. It is possible to test dozens of oils, you will not find suitable yet. Be beautiful!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team