Hair parting and shape of face

Hair parting and shape of face

Most of girls and women carry hair on hair parting. The hair parting allows to divide hair into two parts. Having correctly picked up hair parting, it is possible to correct face defects, to emphasize advantages, to change face proportions and to change the style in general. But when choosing hair parting it is necessary to consider shape of face.


  1. If you the owner of the SQUARE face, then best of all softens its outlines side diagonal hair parting. Such hair parting will add softness to the person, will distract attention from angularity and will give to refinement shape of face. The side diagonal hair parting at square shape of the person extends the person and lifts the line of forehead.
  2. If you the owner of the ROUND face, then to you is better to choose parting in the middle. Such hair parting will visually reduce rotundity of the person, will add to it squareness.
  3. If your person in the form of HEART, then optimum in this case is the side hair parting which is strongly shifted on one party, so that the lowered hair almost completely covered one side of face. This hair parting will soften contrast between wide forehead and the made narrower lower part of the person. If you wish to leave the face open, then it is better to style hair on one party.
  4. If you have RECTANGULAR face, then you need to balance disproportion of the person, and the parting in the middle in the middle will help to make it.
  5. If you want to correct shape of forehead, for example very wide or narrow, then you should carry out parting at the side, to comb hair on the person and also in this case the slanting bang is optimum.
  6. If you wish to truncate a little visually nose, then you will suit parting at the side, the hair styled back, at the same time leave the face open.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team