Hair recovery after the holiday

Hair recovery after the holiday

Being on vacation, women so rejoice opportunities to have a rest that sometimes forget about the hair care. Dry air, ultra-violet influence of sunshine, salty sea water - all these factors promote deterioration of hair. They become lifeless and get dim shade.

Upon return from holiday home many girls have desire to make coloring as faded hair do not decorate anybody. At first can seem that it is excellent way out, but experts strongly recommend to refrain from hasty actions. Ultraviolet rays, sea salt have washed up pigment and have destroyed keratinaceous layer, because of it hair become limp and fragile, coloring will only worsen situation. Also for some time it is better to refuse use of the hair dryer and the iron.

To put hairstyle in order, first of all it is necessary to visit the hairdresser. The damaged tips not manage to be restored in any way therefore they need to be cut approximately on 5 cm, so the head of hear will look more attractively. For the purpose of improvement of blood supply and acceleration of regeneration of cells of head skin it is possible to do self-massage. For this purpose at first it is necessary to make the stroking movements on the direction from temple to nape and the top, and then to gradually increase pressing force. Regular holding this procedure to improve quality of hair.

For the injured hair it is the best of all to use shampoos and balms which contain keratin and panthenol in the structure. Due to filling of emptiness in structure of hair these components do hair more dense, smooth and humidified.

The positive effect will render rinsing by grass broths and use of essential oils. It is worth remembering that when putting balm, mask or the conditioner it is necessary to avoid hit of means on roots, otherwise hair will become soiled and look quickly untidy.

To accelerate process of hair recovery, it is necessary to work from within, vitamins and minerals will help with it. Vitamin A is capable to return to hair shine and gloss, E and F-will make them humidified and elastic. Such minerals as sulfur, magnesium, calcium are necessary for maintenance of good appearance of head of hear.

Not small role is played by healthy nutrition. As the structure of hair consists of protein, it is necessary to use as much as possible dairy products, fishes and nuts.

Masks for hair

Oil. In treatment of hair by the excellent assistant olive oil is, but if it has not appeared near at hand, it is possible to use burdock, castoric, coconut, almond or sesame. For preparation of nutritious mask it is necessary to mix several spoons of oil, two egg yolks and half of teaspoon of juice of lemon. The received mix needs to be distributed on all length of hair, paying special attention to tips. To hold mask 30 minutes. For more expressed effect it is possible to add additional components to solution, for example it can be honey, juice of leaves of aloe or vitamins B capsules.

Vegetable. For giving to hair of force it is possible to use mask from the crushed tomatoes. Tomato pulp needs to be distributed on length of hair, to wrap up with film, in 30 minutes to wash away, and then to rinse hair with grass broth.

Kefiric. Kefir can be used as mask without addition of any ingredients, or if desired it is possible to add a little essential oil or honey. To apply mix, to wrap up the head with polyethylene, for creation of greenhouse effect from above to wrap up with towel. It is necessary to hold mask about half an hour.

Grassy. The mask from burdock root perfectly will be suitable for food and giving of softness. For its preparation it is necessary to fill in with glass of olive oil 100 g of the crushed roots of this plant and to leave to infuse within 24 hours. After that mix needs to be cooked on slow fire for fifteen minutes, then to allow to cool down and filter. To apply on hair, to wrap up with towel and to leave for 2 hours.

In the conclusion it is necessary to emphasize that it is possible to recover hair after the holiday, but it is better to try to protect the head of hear and during rest, then it is not necessary to spend additional forces and means for giving of hairstyle of original state.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team