Hairpin method of permanent make-up of eyebrows

Hairpin method of permanent make-up of eyebrows

Permanent make-up – opportunity to look faultlessly at any time. Today the tattoo make-up for eyebrows allowing to draw symmetric eyebrows of ideal form enjoys special popularity. Novelty in this sphere – method of hairpin permanent make-up which result of application will be natural and well-groomed eyebrows.

The permanent make-up of eyebrows consists in input of the painting pigment in the upper layers of the skin the special needle tool. It is possible to divide permanent make-up techniques for eyebrows into two views – soft shading or hairpin method, it still call hair to hair. Not each woman is happy with form and density of the eyebrows. However, having used services of the professional, it is possible to give to eyebrows the beautiful form, the concerning bend.

The hairpin method of permanent make-up of eyebrows helps to achieve natural shade, and the most important – can be forgotten for long time about need to adjust eyebrows, to daily tint them. The technology has the minimum quantity of contraindications, and the used dyes have the organic or mineral basis excluding emergence of allergic reactions.

The hairpin permanent make-up demands high professionalism of the master, during the procedure it will be required to pay attention to portrayal of each hair. Work can take several hours, the permanent make-up of eyebrows is carried out under local anesthesia.

Features of hairpin method of permanent make-up

The procedure of hairpin permanent make-up is directed to change of shape of eyebrows and their density. Unlike simple technique, this latest technology allows to achieve more lasting effect. As it is possible to understand from the name, the hairpin permanent make-up imitates hairs, and with its help it is possible to hide scars, hems. The method will become the optimum choice in case it is a little hair and there is desire to make eyebrows more dense. Of course, this saloon service longer performed by and difficult, but result is worth it. The permanent make-up imitating natural hairs will provide natural look to eyebrows for several years.

Types of hairpin permanent make-up of eyebrows

There are two techniques of hairpin permanent make-up, or permanent make-up – European and east. The last more difficult because strokes will be put with the painting structure in the direction of growth of eyebrows. Hyphens at the same time differ on length and thickness thanks to what eyebrows look most naturally even by close consideration. The European equipment consists in drawing identical strokes of standard length strictly in one direction – up, tips of hyphens are lowered. That is, the method is under construction on receiving graceful bend.

For hairpin permanent make-up the master can mix up to ten shades of paint. Previously the drawing is shown to the client not only on paper in the sketch, but also put contour with usual cosmetic pencil.

Nuances of care for eyebrows after permanent make-up

The hairpin method of permanent make-up does not demand special preparation, it is only necessary to stipulate color of eyebrows and their form. And here after carrying out permanent make-up it is necessary to process carefully eyebrows the antiseptics rendering anti-inflammatory effect. At once it will not be possible to estimate skill of the expert because the crust and puffiness descends approximately in seven days. Consider that after the European permanent make-up it will be necessary to adjust form and color of eyebrows of times in several months whereas east technique keeps result for few years.

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