Hairstyle ""gavrosh"" - new shape of classics

Hairstyle ""gavrosh"" - new shape of classics

Recently stylists prefer to use hairstyles which were relevant in the middle of last century. In it there is nothing surprising, the fashion has such property as recurrence.

Gavroche is rather original and interesting hairstyle. Recently it has a little changed and became more relevant. If you want to create image in retro style, then this hairstyle will become great choice. Lovers of short hair will also be able to appreciate it.

The turned-out hairstyle can be added with sloping bang. In addition, competently executed hairstyle allows to do hair parting in any place. Fragmentary locks look very fashionably and stylish. "гаврош" will be ideal for those girls who possess curly and thick hair. This hairstyle well looks not only on curly hair, but also on straight lines.

Technology of hairstyle and laying

The technology of this hairstyle means that hair have hair cut rather shortly, at the same time leave volume only on nape. In temporal area the hair are cut so that there was only triangle. This hairstyle does not cause any difficulties when laying. Well in this case the extended bang looks. Everyday leaving represents simple laying which is carried out with use of laying means. You can give volume to hair in the course of drying by means of round brush. It is also possible to make pile. If you want to make hairs shiny, then for this purpose it is desirable to use special gels for laying. If you wish to do hair volume, then you will be is ideal by hair mousse. Gavroche is rather universal hairstyle which will well look at any face type and on any hair. You can alter hairstyle at own will, it is enough tell the master as you as a result want to look. It is possible to take in hairdressing salon of the photo with hairstyles which were pleasant to you.


If to speak about color then there are many options. It is possible to clarify, streak hair or to leave natural color. Everything depends only on your preferences. On fine hair this hairstyle looks good also, thanks to tapering. Many stylists advise fashionistas to use multi-colored kolorirovaniye which gives to shape of romanticism and creativity. Kolorirovaniye also gives considerable volume to hairstyle that cannot but please. This hairstyle perfectly will be suitable for those who lead active lifestyle, it does not disturb at sports activities. Many celebrities prefer to use hairstyle under the name "gavrosh".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team