Hairstyle in the Punk style. Boundless imagination and creative rolled into one

Hairstyle in the Punk style. Boundless imagination and creative rolled into one

Many were tired of conventions in the world of fashion. For this reason in this season the style under the name the punk became relevant. Leather biker jacket, shabby jeans, the stretched t-shirts and imitation of mohawk - typical image of the female punk.

Style the punk allows to combine incongruous things in one image. All adults deeply in soul big children therefore sometimes it is possible to show the identity and to engage in hooliganism with the appearance. In this season among girls hairstyles which remind mohawks are relevant. They will become ideal option for friendly party or rock concert.

Representatives of various subcultures like to shave at themselves on the head various patterns. This year creative again in fashion, and many celebrities create hairstyles which imitate the shaved whisky. If you want to strike surrounding the with appearance, then make side hair parting, at the same time one party you should twist on large hair curlers, and from another to braid small braids which would adjoin to the head, thereby creating imitation of the shaved head.

In such look on red carpet this year such Hollywood stars as Jennifer Aniston and Liv Tyler have appeared. Similar hair can be done, using various weaving. The size of braids is also not important. It is possible to add hairstyle with iron jewelry.

Stylists recommend to girls to use strong hair mousse during creation of similar hairstyles.

In this season stylish piles and mohawks on short hair will also be fashionable. If you want to change strongly, then can clarify separate locks and then paint them red or green color. For this purpose it is possible to use special temporary hair-dyes which after several visits of shower are easily washed away. Hairstyles under the boy with long braid bang are very relevant. On such hair it is possible to make easily small cop and to fix it by varnish. The singer Pink prefers such hairstyles. It is also possible to make the pile imitating mohawk on long hair. With such hairstyle the dress with tigerish or leopard print will look fantastically. Before creation of hairstyle you should buy mousse and also invisible beings for hair. For pile use special hairbrush.

For creation of image in style the punk of eye it is desirable to paint with shadows of dark shades. It is possible to leave lips untouched. At the same time the complexion has to be light, any suntan.

The hairstyles reminding dirty hair will be also relevant. All know that punks not especially watch the appearance. Find in shop gel for effect of wet hair. Having come home, apply it on hair and wait a little. It is possible to shake up a few hair hands that they became curly and volume. The bright make-up and courageous jewelry in the form of collar with thorns or bracelets from genuine leather will be ideal for such hairstyle. Also among punks short hairstyles which can be stacked in various ways are relevant. Very beautifully on short hair the kolorirovaniye or highlighting looks. It is possible to interweave separate braids or dreadlocks into hair. During creation of image in style the punk do not forget that the clothes at the same time have to be corresponding. It is possible to put on the stretched sweater, leather trousers, belt with massive buckle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team