Hairstyle of hair according to the lunar calendar

Hairstyle of hair according to the lunar calendar

In old times considered what hair connects the person with the sky. Therefore the hairstyle was of very great importance. Our ancestors sincerely believed that trimming of hair is capable to change life in the best or for the worse. Everything depended on procedure time according to lunar phases. Some people, and in particular women, to these follow these rules of hairstyle.

It is impossible to cut hair in night of new moon, or full moon. Also under a ban days of solar or lunar eclipse, and critical lunar days, such, as 9, 15, 23, 29. It is impossible to do also any other procedures to which it is possible to refer painting, chemical wave and many other things.

In order that hair grew quicker, it is worth cutting them on the growing Moon. If to do it on the decreasing Moon, then hair will grow more slowly. 

Also there are rules of hairstyle of hair when the Moon stays in different zodiac signs.

  • If Long in the Aries, then hair it is undesirable to cut though at this time and their growth accelerates.
  • If you dream of the hair curling, but at the same time more disobedient, then your time when the Moon in Twins.
  • Favorable time for hairstyle is considered when the Moon in the Maiden, the Taurus and the Capricorn.
  • The moon in water signs - Fish and Cancer, feeds your hair with vital energy, saturating them with missing moisture.
  • If you dream to change the life to the best, then you should do hairstyle when the Moon in Lev. This most favorable time for your hair which does them silky, strong and beautiful.
  • The relations with opposite sex can worsen if you have made hairstyle when the Moon in the Scorpion. Hair at the same time become hard and dense.
  • For those who want experiments, it is worth doing hairstyle in the period of the Moon in Aquarius.
  • During the Moon in the Sagittarius of hairstyle are extremely adverse.

Whether it is worth cutting hair according to the lunar calendar, everyone solves for himself. If not to be obsessed with something, then the hairstyle can be done at any time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team