Hairstyle pompadour: new life of the old ideas

Hairstyle pompadour: new life of the old ideas

The pompadour — trend for all times. This hairstyle is carried by women and men. Business people, celebrities, youth, hipsters give preference to this hairstyle. The Pompadour style suits people of any age, even it is to the taste to modern pensioners. As this hairstyle has arisen and how to give even more originality to the image?


The main idea of hairstyle — the hair combed and taken away upward. They are located highly over forehead. The hairstyle in honor of Zhanna-Antoinette Poisson (Marquis de Pompadour) who was official favourite of the French king Louis XV is called. At the beginning Pompadour (Pompadour) carried itself Marquis, soon the hairstyle became sign of the status and luxury. After a while people began to twist hair cream, and by means of wire the hairstyle accepted the huge sizes and looked very grandiosely. Later instead of frameworks the people began to use small pillows from own or counterfeit hair that the hairstyle could accept bigger volume.

The hairstyle has extended among fashionable women in the 18th century. Further the style was a little forgotten partially, but as a result it has been revived in 1890. It was promoted by image of the Girl Gibson — ideal of female beauty which has created the illustrator Charles Dana Gibson. Hair were also styled whirlwind up from the person and put on the top.

The aristocracy has stepped aside, and the hairstyle became more practical for the middle class. Further the fashion on Pompadour has returned in 1940.

The men's option of hairstyle was popularized by Elvis Presley in the 1950th years. The singer used Pompadour in the music videos, on the stage: fans were delighted just with its image. Said that hair soaked by means of lubricating oil and soot to receive firmness. The hairstyle was considered as iconic elements of the American spirit, youth image of the adherent of vintage culture: Little Richard, James Dean, Marlon Brando carried hairstyle.


  • Close-cut hair;
  • The descending nape;
  • Combination of long locks in upper part of the head with whiskers.

Hair comb back, keep within in the form of cop or as still it is called cook. Rise height always different. Really, this hairstyle goes to very many people therefore it is so often possible to meet on the street of the person who the easy movement of hand throws back hair back to give volume to the hairstyle.

The accent during creation of pompadour goes on difference in length of hair in upper part of the head and on temples. Many shave nape and temples, but do not do them excessively short that skin could not appear through hair. Classics of image vanishes.

Variety of types of laying helps dandies to experiment with image, to adapt hairstyle for features. Pomp or pompadour perfectly looks in public all age. But it is necessary to remember that it needs to be supported, adjusted, stacked, otherwise the head will look very inaccurately. Especially it concerns people with unruly hair and skin, inclined to fat content.

Shapes of face and hairstyle pompadour

The hairstyle does image of the person more impudent, stylish. With certain shape of face the hairstyle will look differently.

  • Round shape. Here the hairstyle will look perfectly as visually it will extend the person, to bring closer it to oval form;
  • The oval form is considered the most convenient for pompadour. As it is possible to experiment with it, to do laying as the client will wish, to its taste;
  • Triangular shape of the person. The hairstyle opens forehead therefore will suit men with triangular shape of the person. You should not comb strongly upward as the person will be extended;
  • Square shape of the person.It is necessary to watch in the absence of angularity of hairstyle. Advise to comb up as with wide forehead the hairstyle will show to advantage.

Popularity pompadour

In the USA the actors and singers, youth especially love this hairstyle. In the form in which the hairstyle was two hundred flyings ago, already not. But it is possible to see its modern interpretations as over time everything changes. Or, as they say, all new — well forgotten old.

Which of celebrities carries this hairstyle?

Bruno Mars is the American singer, the producer, the dancer. Bruno has perfectly considered shape of the face. It perfectly suits this hairstyle as the version of high hair combed backward marks out lines of his face.

Johnny Depp in the movie Crybaby of 1990 carried classical pompadour. Brad Pitt who prefers classics. There is a lot of modifications of hairstyle, but they can be united in two groups where at everyone the style.

Classical style

It is characteristic of fashion of the 50th years, perfectly supplements image of the gentleman, gives elegance. If it is correct to look after her, of course. Comb hair back and upward, skin that the difference in upper and side parts of the head was not evident should not appear through on each side. Mustache, beard, whiskers supplement image.

Modern style

Though the hairstyle lives out of time and will be popular still for many years, it can be changed, than and hairdressers are engaged the last years. Initially supporters modern pompadour combed hair back, but before it raised them up. Often began to shave area of temples and nape that does not match classical style at all. Hair are styled every day, use gels and mousses to give volume.

Men with low growth like to do pile more to become visually higher. The correct selection of length of hair is important for good result. If the difference between length of side and upper locks is obviously expressed, then the bright shape is provided to the man.

Japan has caused a stir concerning hairstyle pompadour. The country has adopted fashion for the American style, but it became especially popular among street gangs and the yakuza's members (form of organized crime of Japan which members of group are in the lead in the criminal world of the country). And who has told that they cannot be stylish?

Councils for leaving

  • Hairdressers say that if the person wants to do hair of more thoughtless, then you should not comb hair absolutely smoothly: it is necessary to give them negligences. It was lucky those at whom hair curl as in this case they have natural volume, it is necessary to brush and use small amount of gel only.
  • At fine hair for giving of volumeit is possible to apply gel or wax unevenly, further already to use the hair dryer and round hairbrush. As many girls do, hair can be dried headfirst, and then to comb back.
  • Tools necessary for leaving: hairbrush round and usual, wax for hair, hairspray and the hair dryer.
  • At the beginning it is necessary to wash up hair, further to choose the direction of laying to make hair combed backward. The hair parting is done at the end of the procedure. Further there is fixing with varnish.

Female hairstyle Pompadour

Among modern extravagant women the hairstyle became very popular. Girls like the high pile, the appearance attracting attention and giving certain peppercorn at image. Many celebrities use this hairstyle, excellent experiment with image.

Hair are combed highly back, as well as at men. But at the same time it is possible to use curls, to release curls. In house conditions of the woman with average length of hair separate front part together with bang. Then, about roots, hair comb and remove back, as well as men's option. Still it is possible to use hairpin. If there are side locks, then they on one can be combed to the center and to connect on the top.

Advantages of laying

  • On hairstyle a lot of time does not leave;
  • Is suitable for any type of hair as it will be is in accurate state at strong laying;
  • Variability of change of hairstyle, originality of addition of image.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team