Hairstyle the extended caret: ways of filirovaniye and beautiful laying

Hairstyle the extended caret: ways of filirovaniye and beautiful laying

The extended caret is fashionable and effective hairstyle. Hair behind clean up quite strongly: their length is from 3 to 8 cm. In front of lock remain long. The hairstyle suits owners of round, oval and even square face.

The corner of locks of the extended caret can be various. Ideally the lower line has to be at the level of cheekbones on each side, and in front of it it is necessary to lower slightly below than chin. If hair quite dense, in front they can reach the middle of neck or even shoulders. Advantage of this hairstyle is that it covers massive cheekbones and visually extends face form.

One of types of the extended caret is caret with graduation. The master begins to carry out hairstyle from bang: imposes locks at each other and gradually changes length. The hairstyle needs to be thinned out, otherwise it will look not accurately. Tapering is carried out on the top: locks are shortened, and the effect of short flight of stairs is created.

The extended caret looks defiantly and sexually therefore it first of all suits courageous girls.

By means of tapering it is possible to create natural ratio between long and short hair in the course of hairstyle on all indumentum of the head or on its certain sites. Thanks to it the hairstyle finds more natural look, and the form remains better. If thick hair, the hairdresser thins out them from roots and if thin - from the middle of lock.

When the cut is carried out on straight line, the hairstyle can look hard. In order that lengthening was softer, apply such method of cutting of hair as Poynting. So, the lock is thinned out at the length of 1-2 mm. Poynting is carried out by direct scissors.

For youth the stylists recommend deep tapering: it does hair asymmetric, easy and bright. The minimum tapering will be suitable for women of middle age. It does hairstyle more mobile. Anyway, the caret hairstyle on lengthening needs regular refreshing. In process of growth it is necessary to cut hair to former length.

Many stars prefer hairstyle the extended caret. Striking example are Victoria Beckham, Rihanna and Lera Kudryavtseva.

The extended caret proposes set of vanguard and courageous solutions. For example, the master can make slanting bang or even in the form of zigzag. At any option the hairstyle assumes fixing of bang laying means. Laying is important for the extended caret. If you have fine hair, it will help to give missing volume. Stack the extended caret so: straighten hair the iron. At the same time direct tips inside: it is very important to level them. Thanks to the fact that hair will lay down one to one gloss will appear. Very conveniently during laying to use big brush brushing. In the beginning wash up hair or slightly moisten them. Then take in one hand the hair dryer, and in another - brush. Wind lock of hair on brushing and turn on the hair dryer. Give air from below that volume has remained. Also for giving of radical volume it is possible to use skin or mousse. Apply means on even moist hair then lay hairstyle phenom. Use of laying means is recommended also not to injure hair everyday laying. If you want to allocate separate locks in hairstyle, use wax or gel.

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