Hairstyles for square face

Hairstyles for square face

There are five main types or shapes of face: round, triangular, square, extended (rhomboid) and oval. And each of these types suits certain form of hairstyle.

How to pick up hairstyle for square face

At first it is necessary to be convinced that the person square. For this purpose it is necessary to measure length and width of the person. These sizes have to be almost equal. To also square face there corresponds the massive chin.

Hairstyle volume is important for this face type: the smoothness, on the contrary, emphasizes angularity and massiveness of the person. It is better to give preference to the fragmentary or graduated hairstyles.

Remarkably asymmetric hairstyles approach square face. They smooth angularity of the person. Hairstyles with curls extend face, are ideal for owners of curly hair. Also perfectly hairstyles with bangs look. It is better for owners of square face to avoid volume direct bangs. It is better to give preference to the slanting fragmentary bangs laid on one side. If hair direct and long, then it is necessary to make large volume at the top, gradually reducing it by the ends of hair.

What hairstyles should be avoided

Owners of square face should avoid straight hair, hairstyles long to chin, too short hairstyles, parting in the middle. Also you should not comb hair back and to do volume about cheekbones – it will emphasize angularity of the person more.

Short hairstyles for square face

Short hairstyles - not absolutely acceptable option for the person of this kind, but also here are number of exceptions. So, hairstyles the waiter, piks, bean caret and their asymmetric options belong to exceptions. Hairstyles like waiter and peep do face to more womanly and give romantic ease to image. When laying such hairstyles create volume at roots and negligence in laying. The bang will be better to look slanting. It is better to choose bean caret in the shortened option with asymmetric bang to eyebrows. The multiple layers of such hairstyle will soften corners of cheekbones and chin.

Average hairstyles for square face

The bean caret in longer version and cascade belongs to average hairstyles. The principles of hairstyle bean caret of the average size remain the same, as short. The cascade perfectly will approach wavy hair. It is recommended to tighten up the ends of hair outside. With this type of hairstyle the direct, but rather thin bang is possible.

Long hairstyles for square face

The short flight of stairs, cascade and hairstyles with direct cut of hair belong to long hairstyles for square face. These hairstyles perfectly hide shortcomings of square face.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team