Hairstyles on final with laid on locks

Hairstyles on final with laid on locks

Laid on locks allow not only to increase volume, but also to create magnificent hairstyles. If you are waited by important celebration, for example, the graduation party, and the hair insufficiently long to make something grandiose on the head - independent hair extension very much will help out you.


  1. If you cannot long work on creation of hairstyle, but want to increase the volume of hair, buy laid on chignon or babette. Such accessories fasten by the principle of laid on locks and demand similar leaving. Take away the nape hair and fasten with elastic band. Attach babette to collected tail and decorate from above with graceful hairpin or bow.
  2. Fix laid on locks on nape. Halve hair on the top horizontal hair parting. Collect the lower part in elastic band. Incline the head down and comb roots of free half of hair, then record result varnish. Give to outer side of pile smooth look, and fix on nape by beautiful hairpin. Now exempt the lower part of hair from clip and twist nippers. To girls with long head of hear the laid on locks during creation of this hairstyle will add volume. And owners of short hair will make false curls that undoubtedly will decorate them.
  3. Create hairstyle Bow. For it thick and long hair is necessary and if you cannot brag such, laid on locks very much will help. Attach locks behind. Incline the head forward, allocate with thin hairbrush triangle from the top to bang and twist it. Wind sides on 2 big hair curlers, and fix hair from nape below by elastic band, having lifted one wide lock on the top. Apply laying means on palms. Put on one more elastic band the bottom of tail. Hands divide hair into 2 equal parts, without exempting from fastenings. Accurately connect together elastic bands and fix by hairpins, the hairstyle basis as a result will turn out. Release the lock fixed on the top and wrap it around bow, forming small knot. Hide the remained tips inside. Twist side locks in plaits, bring to bow, and fix tips by hairpins inside. Lay bang wave and record varnish.
  4. Try to change the habitual image by means of laid on locks which differ in color from your natural hair. In such a way it is possible to imitate highlighting, kolorirovaniye and fashionable brondirovaniye now. You fix color locks in such order in what you want. It is also possible to emphasize favourably shape of your face, having made rare, but expressive accents in hairstyle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team