Hairstyles on short hair for all cases of life

Hairstyles on short hair for all cases of life

Now in hairstyles the thirst for naturalness and naturalness is traced. For this reason well-groomed short hairstyles at the peak of popularity. They do not demand long laying and personal care. It is enough to keep hair clean and to monthly correct length.

It is possible to call caret and bean hairstyles for all occasions. Their modern interpretations are very different: the caret on leg, bean on leg extended with caret, caret with bang and so on. Women and girls of any age suit these hairstyles. And what is especially important - hairstyles are carried out on hair of any type.

Especially beautifully the hairstyle of caret looks on straight hair: smooth, brilliant and well-groomed locks will give to your image the Hollywood chic. And the stylish thick bangs will cover too wide forehead.

Short hairstyles of caret and bean are so universal that practically do not demand laying. It is only enough to wash up hair and to dry up their phenom. If you have curling and curly hair, then short hairstyle of caret can suit you very much. Pay attention that now fashionable option of laying are wavy tips in combination with smooth radical zone. It is possible to give waviness and the movement to tips by means of hair curlers or laying phenom with round brush brushing. And hair can be tightened up outside or inside depending on desire.

Times when the short hairstyle had the accurate form and absolutely flat lines, have consigned to the past. Now the short hairstyles created on technology of graduation and cascade are popular. Cut thus hair can be tousled, combed, added volume. So, it is possible to change the image easily: from negligent to elegant and magnificent womanly. The hairstyle of Sessun has come to the present from far 60th years thanks to model Tviggi. Feature of hairstyle available soft and round bang, which as if proceeds in side locks. Thus, the hairstyle has identical length practically on all perimeter. Hair are styled by means of round brush strictly inside. One more of the known hairstyles on short hair - "Whim". It is ornament both for straight lines, and for curly hair. At its performance the technology of graduation of hair is used: each new lock has hair cut 1-3 mm well than previous. This hairstyle emphasizes beautiful and thin neck, leaving it open. Therefore "Whim" especially suits women harmonious and a little thin. To make beautiful laying, it is recommended to dry hair phenom and at the same time to straighten them. If the hair curling them can be extended by means of the iron. The wavy locks lying in easy artistic mess can be received easily, having used the hair dryer with "diffuser". The short hairstyle under the boy also suits slender persons. It looks very distinguished and enhances attractiveness of the owner. For laying it is enough to put the fixing means at roots and to tousle hair hands. The most courageous options of this hairstyle - with graceful long bang.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team