Hairstyles which are not terrible for carrying during bad weather

Hairstyles which are not terrible for carrying during bad weather

It became outside the window really cold, so, there has come time of headdresses. Fortunately, their choice is huge – from elegant felt hats and berets to stylish knitted hats of the most bizzare shapes and coloring. It is remarkable, but whether it is possible in such conditions to keep beauty of accurately styled hair for all day? What types of hairstyles will be suitable for cold season?

The great number of stylists recognizes that there is nothing more attractive and sexual, than moist hair during summer season. And why, actually, only in summer? During the autumn period when from the sky that and affairs break drops of rain or snowflake, the "wet" hairstyle remains not less relevant. Especially as its creation requires very few efforts, for example, use of serum gloss before laying. It is in this case important to know when to stop and not to go too far, the effect of dirty hair, wet from effect, separates only one step.

For those who do not like to fray the hair on wind there is great option – to collect them in high accurate bunch. To make it very simply, but it is the best of all to use the special roller. For creation of bunch it is necessary to tie high tail and to put on the roller over elastic band. The lock behind lock is accurately sprained under hairpin and fixed by hairpins. Thanks to the roller the effect of density of hair is reached and the hairstyle looks very elegantly.

Alternative to traditional bunch – the original bow created from own locks. Such hairstyle looks very effectively, and the way of its creation is unusually simple. It is necessary to collect hair in high tail, having left loop. Then the loop is divided into two half which are fixed by invisible beings on the different parties. The remained tail rises upward and is pinned up by the invisible being for full imitation of bow.

Weaving of braids - one more excellent option of hairstyle for bad weather. French braids, "fish tail", different types of cones, African braids and much, many other.

If after all it is necessary to do difficult and less steady hair, it is important to know several cunnings which will help to keep it.

  • After laying it is necessary to allow hair to cool down, otherwise the hairstyle will instantly get out of the shape.
  • It is impossible to go outside with moist curls.
  • For preservation of volume of hair it is desirable to put on headdresses not earlier, than after 2 hours after laying.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team