Hardware RF lipolysis against flabbiness of skin and cellulitis

Hardware RF lipolysis against flabbiness of skin and cellulitis

The procedures for care for body which are available in the market it would be desirable to distinguish RF lipolysis from all and that is why: - first, efficiency. The smoothness, density of skin becomes better on the end of the first procedure. It is noticed that later 2-3 times are already clinical result. - secondly, universality and safety. Unlike mesotherapy pricks which have more contraindications the hardware lipolysis can be done even to nursing mothers. - thirdly, there is no recovery period.

How does the RF lipolysis work? The device produces radio wave energy which gets into deep skin layers. On local parts of the body certain temperature condition of 38-40 degrees moves. But you should not be afraid, there are no unpleasant feelings. Pleasant heat, even relaxes body and the feeling of relax is created. After the procedure, "deep heat" remains several hours, the worked site of skin within 15-20 minutes looks turned pink. As a result of local thermal influence the process of lipolysis is started. Such device is irreplaceable for work on "dead zones" - sides, riding breeches, knees. RF not only improves quality of skin, but also reduces fat layer. Under the influence of thermal energy, fatty tissue collapses, "is kind of evaporated" as consists of cells of water. Thus, there is reduction of volumes and at the same time lifting of body. The procedure is carried out once a week and on time takes from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the processed body zone.   What does this procedure, and what indications for the procedure RF lipolysis fight against? - It is correction and modeling of contours of body. The contour of body is tightened. The excellent effect and result is visible on 3-4 procedure. - Elimination of cellulitis and local lipolysis.

- Skin thermolifting. Strengthening and alignment of relief of skin, elimination of flabbiness and obvisaniye of skin.   The painlessness, efficiency and that is not less important, the prolonged action do this procedure everything Bol popular and demanded among beauty equipment procedures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team