Harm of hair extension

Harm of hair extension

Now the service of hair extension is very relevant, all want to look beautifully. And still it is possible to change wonderfully fast image to unrecognizability. But around the procedure of building the set of legends and myths soars. Opinions of people are very contradictory. This procedure is pleasant to someone, and someone, having quite bitter experience, categorically assures that building causes to hair irreparable loss. Experts will help to understand – whether building on the business is capable to do harm to health of magnificent head of hear?

The procedure of hair extension can spoil hair if it is illiterate to approach its performance. The real locks can together with artificial begin to drop out. Incorrectly executed and picked up technology of building, illiterately removed locks, use of low-quality hair, certainly, will lead to deterioration in condition of natural hair.

Now many masters suggest to perform the procedure of hair extension at home. It at various forums and on social networks very widespread phenomenon. Young girls, many of which did not undergo any special training, offer services almost for nothing. And the result of house building can be unpredictable, hardly then the master self-educated person will be able to correct the errors.

It is a lot of cases when girls addressed to beauty shops drowned in tears after unsuccessful building to correct loss which has been caused to their hair. It is worth speaking, what is the time, money and forces it is spent for correction of mistakes.

If the master observed technology of building, but used low-quality locks – they will get confused after the first washing of the head and will begin to drop out. After the procedure of building the bad hair care is capable to do harm too. If you have not braided curls and have gone to bed – can strongly confuse and put them to hair mechanical damages. If you wash incorrectly the head, throwing back it back – on roots of hair the loading increases, and it can lead to loss. The experienced expert has to explain all these nuances to you. And still to recommend means for care for such hair which will help to keep appearance of curls for long months. Pay special attention to tips, artificial curls do not eat natural way. That from the procedure of hair extension to prevent harm, address only well trained experts who have wide experience of work with this service. Do not experiment on health of own hair!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team