Have lost weight? Bring skin into tone!

Have lost weight? Bring skin into tone!

Long-awaited disposal of extra kilos is often saddened by the fact that skin looks drooped. It is easy to return it elasticity, it is necessary to use only one of procedures or complex from them.

Best of all skin into tone is brought by various wrappings: chocolate, honey, coffee, algal and also wrappings with use of therapeutic muds. Skin after wrappings is tightened, the relief is leveled. Wrappings can be done in salon, and it is possible to carry out the procedure in house conditions. The main condition of success – it is impossible to be limited to one procedure, wrappings there has to be at least 10.

That skin was elastic, in it collagen in large numbers has to be produced. Development is promoted by sharp temperature difference, for example, contrast shower. He not only will make skin of more elastic, but also will raise muscular tone. The rough bast improving blood circulation will become the great assistant to contrast shower.

The pleasant and useful procedure helping to make skin beautiful, well-groomed, elastic and elastic, massage is. And use of oils and creams during the procedure in addition serves for moistening and nutrition of integuments. Cosmetics cannot also be disregarded. Creams, mousses, gels, lotions not only return elasticity, but also fight against the extensions, cellulitis and other problems arising after weight reduction. Srubs and peelings will restore blood circulation, will remove the keratosic and dead cells, terms will improve tone. Useful components as a part of peelings and srubs will saturate deep skin layers. Srubs can be bought ready prepared, and it is possible to do independently, using sea salt with various essential oils. Sea salt as basis for srub in addition will be able to bring excess of liquid out of organism that will inure to benefit not only skin. After carrying out any of the listed above procedures it is necessary to use gels or creams with the active ingredients renewing skin, moisturizing and feeding it. Cream and gels it is necessary to use constantly – only in this case the result will be visible. This rule concerns also procedures. From several procedures with different time intervals of advantage will be much less, than from their regular carrying out in number of not less than 10-15.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team