Health of skin: types of peeling

Health of skin: types of peeling

woman wishes to look perfectly and tries to find enough time for it. The appeal more depends on health of skin and if she is healthy, then the person looks is much fresher and it is more beautiful.

By means of peeling it is possible to make skin gentle and light. When holding this procedure, upper keratosic parts of epidermis are removed. The main task of this procedure is to stimulate cell renewal. In skin the updating process when    cages are skimmed begins. To get rid of the keratosic scales use special srubs or creams. Depending on use of type of peeling, apply certain type of removal of upper layer of cages. At mechanical peeling the dead cages are erased automatically. The chemical method means dissolution of the keratosic scales, and physical softens skin before removal.

The peeling is classified also by depth of influence. Superficial pilingstant the fine solution of such problems as oily skin, acne rash, enlarged pores. This look will not yield long-term result at age changes. And here for moistening and clarification kozhipoverkhnostny peeling - ideal option. It includes fruit, ultrasonic, physical peeling.

The median peeling is applied to elimination of age changes. Extensions and wrinkles clean up. Also this look is applied before plastic surgery.

The deep or chemical peeling is the most effective remedy against wrinkles, pigmental spots. This type of the cosmetic procedure is carried out under anesthetic and after application of this type of peeling serious complications can appear.

The peeling is quite safe, but provided that all features of skin of the person have been considered and quality medicines were applied. The cosmetologist is responsible for performance of the work and he has to respect the rules and rules, to be attentive. The best option will be to go to the checked expert.

Doctors consider that to skin additional clarification in general to anything. It is connected with the fact that skin perfectly itself gets rid of the keratosic parts, possessing the system of self-cleaning and self-updating. To help skin to remove dead parts, it is enough to wash in the mornings. When the woman violently removes skin layer, it it only harms itself.

It is worth resorting to peeling when there are serious cosmetic defects. To look fresh and attractively, rather simply to watch condition of skin and it is reasonable to look after it.

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