Henna and basma - natural hair-dye

Henna and basma - natural hair-dye

Now, to change image or to paint over gray hair, there is enough 40 minutes and packing of paint. The way checked, fast and effective. But even the most sparing structures break and thin structure of hair. Natural dyes – henna and basma will help to keep healthy hair.

Chemical dyes soften hair that the color pigment could get under scales and evenly paint head of hear. It results in dryness and fragility of hair. Natural dyes envelop each hair colored film, doing hair more dense and smooth. Result of coloring by natural means less resistant, than from chemical dyes, but hair remain healthy and brilliant.

Henna is received by drying and crushing of leaves of henna. The powder of henna used in pure form will give to hair bright copper color, rigidity and density. Varying additives, it is possible to expand considerably color palette of this natural dye.

For receiving golden-fair-haired shade powder of henna is steamed strong broth of camomile pharmaceutical, heated to 70 wasps. Gruel is applied on all length of hair, wrap up the head with polyethylene, then towel. The intensity of color depends on coloring time. The minimum time of influence of henna for hair – hour.

Broth of camomile can be replaced with turmeric powder (2 teaspoons with glass of hot water).

Magnificent chestnut color with golden outflow will turn out if to add half of glass of coffee to henna and to allow to infuse 3 hours. For preparation of the painting structure it is necessary to use only natural ground coffee. Fill in 4 tablespoons of coffee with glass of water and boil 15 minutes. It is necessary to hold not less than 2 hours on hair mix of henna and coffee. Saturated copper color will turn out if to mix henna with hot broth of onions peel or black tea. The cocoa powder added to henna will give to hair cold chestnut shade. There is enough 5 teaspoons of cocoa on 100 g of henna. Basma – powder from the crushed leaves of indigotin stimulates growth of hair, eliminates dandruff, is very resistant and active dye. In pure form paints hair in blue-green color therefore it is not used separately. Mix one part of basma with two parts of henna, add hot water to consistence of sour cream. Apply mix for 2 hours and you receive noble bronze hair color. To receive shade of "Bordeaux" add half of glass of beet juice or strong brewing tea of hibiscus tea to mix of equal parts of henna and basma. Colors of mahogany on hair reach by addition of cranberry juice or red wine. Mix from 100 g of basma, 50 g of henna and 100 ml of cahors wine maintain on hair 1.5 hours.

Do not use for preparation of the painting mix from henna or basma metal ware.

It is necessary to wash away natural dye large amount of warm flowing water without shampoo use. Do not apply hair conditioner and you do not dry hairstyle phenom. Final color will be shown next day, do not panic if right after coloring hair there is a little not that shade. It is possible to give to hair color of voronov of wing when coloring by mix from 3 parts of basma and one henna. Powder is dissolved with the water which is warmed up to 85oc, add several drops of essential oil of lavender and held on hair not less than 4 hours. In case of receiving excessively intensive shade apply the warmed-up vegetable oil on hair – it will help to wash away part of dye. In 25 minutes carefully wash up the head with shampoo, rinse hair with water with lemon.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team