Herbs for weight loss: recipes of beauty

Herbs for weight loss: recipes of beauty

Officinal herbs for weight loss are highly effective means in fight against extra kilos. Physical activity, the balanced food and healthy lifestyle together with correctly picked up grass collecting will help to lose weight naturally without prejudice to health.

It is desirable to apply herbs to weight loss in integrated approach to fight against excess weight and obesity. Use of herbs can be ineffective at unlimited food, lack of activity, availability of addictions, chronic diseases. This type of improvement though is the most natural of all possible, nevertheless demands obligatory consultation of the doctor.

The recipe of grass infusion from Senna, dogrose and raisin

Perhaps, the most known collecting for weight loss and clarification of organism.

For infusion it is required: raisin - 200 g, holosas (dogrose syrup) - 250 g, Senna - 20 g. To ship raisin in liter of boiled water and to put for 30 minutes on water bath. Senna to fill in 300 ml of boiled water, also to put on water bath. To filter broths through sieve and to pour in bank. To pour in 250 ml of holosas. It is necessary to drink herbs for weight loss on 100 ml before going to bed 20 days in a row or with break in 10 days. It is so possible to dump up to 10 kg of excess weight.

Tea from ginger for weight loss

To fill in one teaspoon of the ground dried root of ginger with glass of boiled water, to add spoon of honey and segment of lemon. It is necessary to drink the infusions for weight loss stimulating metabolism on an empty stomach in the morning and before going to bed. The root of ginger can be added to black or green tea without sugar. For strengthening of effect ginger tea can be made with grass collecting. For example, the teaspoon of mint or melissa stimulates work of kidneys and bladder, for the same purposes in ginger tea put cowberry leaves. For having obesity in ginger tea it is recommended to add garlic. Components are ready in proportion: one part of ginger, the garlic as much crushed and 20 parts of hot water. To insist 30 minutes and to accept means for weight loss during the day.

Tea from linden and amyl for weight loss

Observing diet with grass collecting on the basis of lime color and mistletoe ivny, it is possible to lose weight about five kilograms in five days. In the first day between meals it is necessary to drink single-component infusion from linden – grass tablespoon on boiled water liter. In the second day - similarly made mistletoe infusion. The remained three days it is possible to have the combined tea from mistletoe and linden with addition of honey and lemon. It is necessary to eat moderately. In the presence of cardiovascular diseases and problems with kidneys before application of herbs for weight loss it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

The cleaning herbs for weight loss with curdled milk

To mix one grated green or yellow apple with the crushed root of dried or fresh celery in proportion three to one. To pour in the ground small root of horse-radish together with glass of curdled milk to apple with celery. To salt. Puree should be used every evening before going to bed within seven days.

Structure of collecting herbs for weight loss ""The flying swallow""

Tea for weight loss ""The flying swallow"" has the laxative cleaning effect. In the structure it may contain the Thai, Chinese and even Tibetan collecting herbs. The list of ""The flying swallow"": tea leaves classical, pressing of bark of green lemon and yellow pumpkin, cowberry leaves, hawthorn fruits, licorice root, licorice ordinary and also familiar leaves of Seine. Also as a part of tea for weight loss there can be leaves of the Indian lotus, catechu palm tree, grass of subjects mine, rose vank, loofah fibers, cassia seeds Torah, ostrogat.

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