Hibiscus tea as cosmetic

Hibiscus tea as cosmetic

Hibiscus tea not for nothing call "drink of Pharaohs" - almost all parts of hibiscus, graceful bright plant from which the well-known drink turns out, are edible and contain large amount of antioxidants, vitamins and bioflavonoids. These substances contribute to normalization of pressure, increase in immunity, decrease in level of cholesterol, removal from organism of salts of heavy metals.

Besides the remarkable flavoring and medical qualities the petals of Sudanese rose possess also complex of the fruit acids and the regenerating biological active agents allowing to apply effectively this plant in cosmetology. Unique properties of hibiscus tea will be irreplaceable during creation of natural cosmetics – medical, looking after and decorative.

The hibiscus is universal remedy for production of the rejuvenating and tonic masks for face skin, neck and area of decollete. For preparation of such mask select the largest petals of plant, fill in them with warm water and insist within one and a half-two hours.

The inflated petals accurately display on skin and leave for influence for 15-20 minutes. During this time it is recommended to accept horizontal position and to avoid emergence of mimicry. If skin very sensitive, then petals of hibiscus can be placed between gauze layers then to use as mask. In 20 minutes unmask and wash cool water. The remained infusion of hibiscus tea is recommended to be frozen and applied to ice washing.

Carefully will help to clean, calm and dry inflammations, to give beautiful color to oily skin of the person srub from inflorescences of Sudanese rose. The brightest, saturated-red dry petals crush in the coffee grinder, for strengthening of effect mix with small amount of ground coffee and apply with circular motions to moist skin of face and hands. Wash away srub warm water then it is recommended to wipe face with ice cube.

For production of the toning and refreshing mask for oily skin powder of hibiscus tea is mixed with two tablespoons of the crushed oat flakes, filled in with small amount of warm water and the received gruel is put on face, avoiding eye area and lips. The mask is washed away in 10 minutes warm water.

The oily hair inclined to dandruff and the lost natural gloss and smoothness, revitalize by means of conditioner from hibiscus tea. The handful of petals of Sudanese rose is made in liter of soft boiled water, insisted about an hour and applied after each washing of the head within one-one and a half months.

Conditioner is not recommended to be used to blondes since hair can get undesirable dark shade. And here regular use of saturated infusion of hibiscus tea gives to hair of brown-haired women and brunettes light chocolate color.

At hair loss and emergence of premature gray hair oil wrappings will help to save the situation: in small amount of burdock or olive oil add saturated broth of hibiscus tea to proportions 1:1. The turned-out mix is rubbed in roots of hair then distribute on all their length. Hair warm polyethylene hat and towel and leave mask for influence for 40-60 minutes. After this term the hair are carefully washed with soft shampoo and use conditioner from herbs or petals of hibiscus.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team