Highlighting on fair hair

Highlighting on fair hair

Highlighting is coloring not of all hair but only separate locks or at all tips. It does not involve cardinal changes in appearance. However if you want to refresh the image, to add to it new paints, then technology of highlighting - what is necessary.

It is required to you

  • Hairdresser, bezammiachny paint, foil.


  1. Californian highlighting. It is very sparing type of coloring of hair. Its essence is that on fair hair several locks as if naturally burned out in the sun are created. For coloring the shades, closest to hair color, are used: beige, caramel, sand, honey. The master carries out highlighting without coloring of roots of hair and also without sharp strips and contrast locks. Transitions of color natural and almost invisible. The foil in this equipment is not used. On another the Californian highlighting is called extension of color or caramel.
  2. French highlighting. This technology of highlighting assumes clarification of locks on three tones therefore suits girls with light brown hair. The painted locks differ from all bush of hair markedly and add volume on fine hair. Thus very strong effect of burning out in the sun is created. On dark hair the French highlighting will not be noticeable and will not yield desirable result. The technology of highlighting is considered rather harmless, in the course of coloring dyes without ammonia which part wax is are used.
  3. Cascade highlighting. It is ideal option for the women wishing to return the lost natural hair color. The secret of cascade highlighting is that it becomes from tips to roots. Coloring turns out such that shades flow from dark at roots to light on tips. The owner of such highlighting can quietly wait until necessary length hair grow, and then it is simple to shear the painted ends.
  4. Pelelny highlighting. This type of highlighting also suits fair hair: it assumes coloring of several locks in steel shades. Ashy color is considered very whimsical therefore the first-class expert has to carry out such highlighting. At the request of the client the master distributes shade on all bush of hair or paints separate locks. Ashy highlighting does young girls more noble and more serious, and to ladies aged gives to solidity. When choosing this equipment, consider that ashy color is washed away from hair very quickly. Therefore correction shortly will be required.
  5. The glaring highlighting. When performing this type of highlighting the master uses paints of the most similar shades and creates almost inaudible modulations on hair. It is considered that the border between flowers is more imperceptible, the more noble the hairstyle looks. Coloring has to be executed so naturally that it was unclear at the expense of what the shimmering effect is reached. Only the professional can execute this type of highlighting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team