History of creation of cosmetic brand of Mary Kay

History of creation of cosmetic brand of Mary Kay

certain at least once in life each woman used products of Mary Kay. Fashionable and always relevant care products behind appearance have made the brand well-loved by many women around the world. The history of creation of brand of Mary Kay deserves special attention as it is the story about the strong woman and victory over stereotypes of society.

Mary Kay is one of the major companies which are engaged in production and distribution of decorative cosmetics, perfumery and means on comprehensive care behind appearance by method of direct sales. The brand of Mary Kay is among the most recognizable trademarks in the world, and the company excellently copes with the competition in the market and according to recent data takes the sixth place in the list of the famous producers of cosmetics. The popularity of products of Mary Kay among women speaks not only its high quality and relevance, but also the motto of the company which calls for improvement of life of women around the world. The history of development of the brand of Mary Kay is inseparably linked with her creator of Mary Kay Ash – the businesswoman who has inspired by own example and with a personal force of one thousand women on aspiration to realization of the potential and creation of own successful career in Mary Kay.

The company created by the woman

The idea about creation of new cosmetic brand belonged to Mary Kay Ash. The book which Ash has written after has faced inequality at work was incitement to conducting own business. Ash intended to publish peculiar instruction which had to help women to assert the rights and to progress in business, however after detailed study and judgment the book has turned into the effective business plan. In 1963 Mary Kay Ash has founded the company on production of cosmetics.

It is logical that the brand created by the woman is focused on women. Their intuition, personal qualities and features of psychology help promotion of products and development of the company. In Mary Kay, women work mainly though men nevertheless are present among staff members and at the leading posts at Board of Directors. The fundamental principle of the company is democracy. Having begun with the bottoms, employees can promote so highly on office ladder, kind of they wanted that. Aspiration to career development, devotion, mind and persistence – those qualities which have helped many women to come to success in Mary Kay.

The interesting facts about the company

Symbol of Mary Kay is the bumblebee – insect who under laws of physics cannot fly, however, without guessing it, continues to make impossible. Branded color of Mary Kay – pink. The motto – is better to do life of women around the world.

Mary Kay in the center of scandal

In 1989 the Mary Kay company of one of the first among producers of cosmetics has imposed moratorium on animal experiments. In 2010 the company has appeared in the black list of the RETA organization as has been convicted of resumption of testing of the products for animals. This step of the management of Mary Kay has been taken not to lose position in the market of those countries where testing of cosmetics for animals is offered the law.

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