Home care of hands

Home care of hands

Skin of hands is subject to fast aging, hands erase, wash the dishes, they are weather-beaten on frost and the sun. To keep tenderness and elasticity of skin, careful manicuring is required.


1. The basic rule which should be followed strictly – daily to use hand cream. Cream is not just applied on hands, and do light massage, time for this purpose – is better evening. If skin was weather-beaten or has coarsened, it is possible to correct it by means of masks.

2. Various masks enter home care of hands. Egg it is useful at the withering wrinkled skin of hands. Make mix of yolk, tea spoon of oatmeal, honey tablespoon, apply it before going to bed on hands, put on cotton gloves. The mask is very effective, handles will become smooth and young.

3. The mask from honey softens skin, does it gentle - gentle. Mix 15 g of honey, several drops of juice of lemon, 25 g of peach oil (is on sale in drugstore), egg yolk. Apply mix on hands and take several hours, it is better to do, of course, it for the night.

4. To soften skin of hands and to smooth wrinkles it is possible by means of potatoes. Use the puree remains from lunch. Smear pounded potato on hands and take 2-3 hours, then wash away water warm. After washing of ware it is useful to wipe hands with juice of lemon or weak solution of vinegar.

5. For maintenance of elasticity of skin do peeling by coffee thick, wipe them with tampon more often, moistened in milk. Strong pollution from hands are washed by the vegetable oil mixed with sugar. For elimination of dryness and redness do baths, for example, such: on 10 g of glycerin and sal ammoniac, add liquid soap, baking soda to 2 liters of warm water, lower in this solution of hand for half an hour, then wipe them dry and grease with cream.

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